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Fringe Review: WERK IT

WERK IT is a highly energetic hour of circus tricks, physical comedy and high cut fluorescent lycra.

A high energy show of humour, gravity defiance and fluorescent lycra.

Presented by Circus Trick Tease
Reviewed 23 February 2020

WERK IT is a highly energetic hour of circus tricks, physical comedy and high cut fluorescent lycra. The five performers had a vibrant energy and stage presence, performing acrobatic feats and including routines of juggling, hula hoops, aerial work, and whip cracking, to name a few.

Tricks were performed with a tight coordination between performers, with special mentions going to the juggler’s slick routine and the woman performing tricks with a beer barrel suspended above the stage (while wearing insanely high heels, no less!). One also can’t help but be impressed by the woman who did the bulk of the lifting work in this show, showing incredible stability and strength in a role that would usually be taken by a man.

Connecting each of the routines were short comedic scenes, keeping the audience engaged between set or costume changes. This effectively avoided dead time between acts, allowing time to set up for the next trick. These comedic moments ranged from slapstick to absurdism, with the coke bottle bra moment particularly memorable. While there was a certain amount of physical humour within the acts, it felt that at times there was a certain disconnect between the circus and comedy elements of the show, and there were perhaps a few moments where comedic opportunities could have been further incorporated into the tricks. That said, there were plenty of laugh out loud moments and wow moments throughout the show.

WERK IT is full of energy, twerking, and feats that defy gravity. They are playing for the whole Fringe season, so there are no excuses not to see this show!

Reviewed by Kristin Stefanoff
Twitter: @StefanoffK

Venue:  Hillside Theatre (open-air), Gluttony
Season:  19 February – 21 March
Duration:  60 min
Tickets:  $28 – $36

Rating out of 5: 4.5





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