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Fringe Review: Where To From Here?

A very funny combination of theatrical performance and spellbinding storytelling.

A very funny combination of theatrical performance and spellbinding storytelling.

Presented by: Tracy Crisp
Reviewed: 4 March, 2023

How many of us have wondered what we could have, or perhaps should have, been had we listened to our parents? Tracy Crisp’s latest show, directed by Maggie McGinty, was a terrifically funny look at the future while also reminiscing about the past, in the performer’s unique combination of theatrical performance and spellbinding storytelling.

For this piece, Tracy wanted to write about the dichotomy of being middle aged. Although it could be a time when the kids have grown up and there may be more freedom, there are still life’s inevitable upheavals. All this is happening at a time when one has to deal with the problems of getting older, such as facing the dreaded first colonoscopy. In Tracy’s world, it brought the best sleep for years and the gourmet delight of a cheese sandwich on white bread afterwards, and gales of laughter from the audience.

The clever setting of this monologue in a railway station provides myriad opportunities for humour while the audience was introduced to a host of similar, and yet different, versions of herself. The baggage she carries includes an A-Z of emotions, set out on an Underground style map, handed to the audience, along with a line for shoes, brain fog, and a line representing the invisibility of women from middle age – which is, of course, invisible!

While the teenaged Tracy was lying on her bed dreaming about changing the world, the first person she meets on the train seems to have done all the things she only dreamed about. This woman actually followed her mother’s advice by studying hard and becoming a lawyer. But, as ever with this talented writer and performer there is a twist in the tale because this ‘successful’ lawyer is now defending B list celebrities – hardly world changing.

The different versions of what she might have been which Tracy meets at the station – representing the intersection of possibilities – rang lots of bells for me and kept me enthralled by this brilliant performer. 

Reviewed by Jan Kershaw

Venue: Studio 166 at Goodwood Theatre and Studios
Season: Sun 5 Mar: 6:30pm, Thu 9 Mar – Sat 11 Mar: 8pm Sun 12 Mar: 1pm, 6:30pm
Duration: 50 mins
Tickets: $30 conc $25

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