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Fringe Review: WONDERFULL! A Celebration of Stevie Wonder

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Presented by: The Cast Entertainment

Reviewed 11 March 2022

For four nights only, the Adelaide fringe was filled with the music of R&B and Soul legend Stevie Wonder. The stage was graced with the passion and sunshine of host Chloe Castledine, wearing the most spectacular sparkly black and silver suit set I’ve ever seen. THE CASTS’ 17-piece-band and special guests Brian Ruiz and Henry Olonga brought wonder’s music alive.

THE CASTS’ band didn’t have to work hard to do Wonder justice – Chloe’s powerful voice led the night with ease and the full Adelaide line-up showcased the very best of what South Australian arts and music had to offer.

‘Wonderfull’ opened with a harsh spotlight placed on a black canvas set behind instrumentals of Wonder’s hit songs. The stage was framed against a giant pair of Wonder’s iconic spectacles hanging above the stage – which the musicians would also be seen wearing later in the night.

Local Australian artist Phil Hodgson then bought his talent to the stage and created a Stevie Wonder portrait right before our eyes. It was later announced the painting would be auctioned off – with the message to “support SA and our local artists”.

The night continued with legendary hits such as ‘You Can Feel it All Over’, ‘Do I Do’, ‘Happy Birthday’ and of course fan favourite ‘Superstition’. The cast didn’t shy away from Wonder’s strong political stance, with messages of social justice strung throughout the night.

The stage was filled with gold, purple and pink lights that made the orchestra and performers sparkle on stage. The night was filled with the rich history of Mr. Wonder, with intermissions between performances of interviews, concerts and speeches played on an LED screen behind the cast. Ribbon performers from IMPACT Entertainment even joined the stage during ‘Ribbon in The Sky’, gracefully dancing through the lyrics ‘A ribbon in the sky for our love’. 

Audiences were certainly ready to get their funk on when the host invited us to get up and boogie, and with restrictions lifted on dancing, we certainly got to our feet. The cast on stage also made an effort to include audiences, getting everyone singing and making noise.

‘Wonderfull! A Celebration of Stevie Wonder’ is a night for all to remember, whether you’re Wonder super-fans or just there for a night of good music.

Reviewed by: Imogen Evans

Venue: Arts Theatre, 59 Angas St, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Session: Last Session Sat 12 March 6pm

Duration: 60mins

Tickets: $45.00


Rating out of 5: 5

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