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Fringe Review: Zeppelin Was A Cover Band

Zeppelin Was A Cover Band is an obsessive’s homage to the pioneering heavy metal band.

Presented by Chris Daniels Productions & Emma Knights Productions
Reviewed 26 February 2017

Think you’re a big Led Zeppelin fan? Stéfan Cédilot probably has you covered. Given that he talks about them for 75 minutes straight, that’s a good thing and Zeppelin Was A Cover Band is an obsessive’s homage to the pioneering heavy metal band.

The premise is simple – Led Zeppelin stole a lot of musical ideas, and Cédilot shows us just a few of them. To that end, he delves back into the history of the blues and plays clips of songs by Blind Willie Johnson, Memphis Minnie, Bukka White and Robert Johnson.

We hear a very detailed history of the band and the circumstances that led them to plunder not just blues, but also folk artists’ catalogues. Then we hear that they were justified in doing so and not paying the original artists any royalties because of the incredible music they created. It’s a conclusion that lets the band off, and it’s one that’s difficult to agree with, despite Cédilot’s passion.

This is never in doubt as he sings their praises and drops obscure trivia throughout the show, though it’s somewhat ironic watching someone play air guitar to the ultimate stadium band with an empty arena in the background.

Zeppelin Was A Cover Band feels like an encounter with a musical nerd who has taken it upon himself to educate us. It’s full of fascinating information, but feels less like a conversation than a lecture and in an age where Wikipedia and Youtube have made this material instantly accessible, this lack of connection between audience and performer is a fatal flaw.

Reviewed by Alexis Buxton-Collins

Rating out of 5: 2

Venue: Koffee Ink at LIVE on 5, Adelaide Oval
Season: Tuesday 28 February
Duration: 75 minutes
Tickets: $25


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