Adelaide Fringe

Fringe: The Fringe Show To See In Your Activewear

This show will turn you into a gym junkie – without you ever having to leave your seat.

Do you spend more time shopping, watching TV, brunching or going on flights in your activewear than you do at the actual gym? Well this just may be the Fringe show for you.

Lisa-Marie Ryan’s show Gym Junkie will turn you into a – well – gym junkie, without you ever having to leave your seat.

With her observational humour and big voice, Lisa-Marie will share her “new and improved six-step formula which will have you burning those calories in no time” with ‘fitspirational’ tips and your favourite gym anthems.

The whole show is full of all of the Fitspo advice you need: how to wear neon, why cauliflower will never substitute for rice and the reason you should never skip squats.

Gym Junkie is on February 27-March 3 at The Cabinet Room, La Boheme. Grab your tights and book tickets here.

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