From Constable to caravans: Former SAPOL officer starts first van brokerage in SA

Vicky Taylor created Find My Van off the back of her own van adventure and turned it into one of Australia’s leading caravan brokers.

It’s the great Australian dream. To set off on a road trip travelling the vast, open roads of the Australian outback, discovering hidden gems, and unearthing the secrets kept by our sunburnt country.

While caravanning around Australia isn’t an original concept, a new South Australian business is changing the way we do it. Find My Van is the first caravan broker in the state, connecting prospective travellers with the perfect mobile home.

“We do a mixture of buying and advertising caravans for sale, but our bread and butter is finding caravans for people,” explains the owner of Find My Van, Vicky Taylor.

“By using our large network, we’ll find you exactly what you’re looking for and coordinate the process involved in making the purchase.”

An ex-police officer, Vicky took a break from her career to travel Australia in a van of her own and it was her own personal experience that opened her eyes to an obvious gap in the market – one that was asking for a more tailored and simple solution to finding the right van for you.

“Buying a van is a big financial decision and can be so time-consuming so I wanted to make it easier,” she says. “We’re different from a dealership because we don’t hold any stock ourselves and we’re not affiliated with any one manufacturer.”

In what is often considered a male-dominated industry, Vicky created Find My Van with the customer at the forefront, striving to create an approachable service that didn’t intimidate.

“I’ve found that a lot of my clientele are women and have often been left feeling ripped off or confused by private sellers or other salespeople in the past and we want to ensure that we offer a trusting service where people feel like they are being looked after. We keep everything in layman’s terms and skip the jargon talk so our customers know exactly what they’re getting.”

Officially launching in March this year with a Silent caravan Auction, the Adelaide-based business services the whole of Australia, sourcing and selling vans far and wide across the country. Vicky ensures that if you can’t find your dream yourself, she and her team will endeavour to seek it out for you.

“That’s the best thing about us – we are completely independent and take the hassle out of buying a van. You no longer have to trudge around sales yards for hours on end or take the risk of attending a sellers’ private home.

“We will do all that for you, either remotely or in person. We are also partnered with Redbook Inspect who conduct thorough independent inspections on all vans we facilitate the sale of. And even better yet, we not only organise the inspection, we pay for it too!”

Find My Van owner, Vicky Taylor, at the SA Woman Awards

Apart from connecting you with the van of your dreams, Find My Van also recommends online caravan towing training to their clients. The training educates travellers on things such as towing capacity and the correct way to pack your van and tow your vehicle. You can then embark on your journey with a head full of useful knowledge about travelling within a van to help avoid any sticky situations. Information on the training package can be found here.

With the summer holidays fast approaching, a self-guided escape in your very own van could be exactly what you need.

For more information on Find My Van, head to the website or follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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