From Delectable Wines To A Historic Cottage, Here’s Why You Can’t Miss This Barossa Cellar Door

From the wine, historic charm and cellar door dog, you can’t miss this stop on your next Barossa jaunt.


If you’re travelling around the Barossa Valley you’re spoilt for choice with a huge number of cellar doors to visit. One you definitely can’t miss however, is Gibson Wines. You’ll find their gorgeous 1850s cottage cellar door nestled amongst the vineyards. This family owned winery has a fantastic reputation amongst those who love richly flavoured and complex wine. But that’s not the only reason you should check these guys out on your next Barossa jaunt.

1. Design your own platter to pair with your favourite bottle of wine

Have you ever gotten a platter and then realised there wasn’t enough camembert to go around? Or you don’t like olives and the olive juice has infiltrated everything else on the plate? Okay, maybe you’re not as picky as us, but you know what we mean. Sometimes you just want to choose exactly what you want on your platter, even if that’s half a plate of brie. At Gibson’s cellar door, you have the opportunity to design your own platter. Come in, grab some produce from the fridge or their basket and chow down on all the cheese, olives, meat and pâté you can. Best of all, it’s all local produce.

2. It has a gorgeous rustic feel

Walking into Gibson’s cellar door is like very few places in the hills. As you go in, you’ll spot the 1850’s cottage that they’re restoring, and feel as if you’re being taken back in time. Then you’ll walk into the cellar door and it’ll be a complete 180, with a modern feel and fit out. It’s easy to see which area is run by the owners Rob and Anne, and which part is run by their children. Sit and have a picnic in their picnic area while you grill up some meat on their barbeques and enjoy a glass of wine, or relax in their paved outdoor area overlooking the Isabelle vineyard.

3. Packed with rich history

The atmosphere at Gibson’s is like walking into a family reunion, the warmth and instant comfort that you’ll be shown by their staff is a true highlight of the experience. The cellar door is as full of stories as your Uncle Peter was at every family gathering. Sure, his were about pirates and other mythical creatures, but Gibson’s are equally as fascinating. Every wine has a different name, and with that, a different story. Make sure to ask about the story of the wines you try, as it adds another level to your experience that you won’t get at many other places.

4. Mingle with the family behind Gibson every Sunday.

While during the week and on Saturdays, you’ll be greeted at the cellar door by the lovely staff who work for Gibson, on Sundays the family look after the cellar door themselves. It’s a great personal touch from the family behind the wine, with Anne, Kelly and Adam there on hand to answer any questions or tell any stories you’ve been waiting to hear. Rob and Anne love sharing the stories behind the wines, almost as much as they love making the wines themselves.

Bonus: They have a cellar door dog!

Okay, we know we said four reasons but this reason was too good not to include. While Moose (which is the best name for a dog we’ve ever heard) is only in the cellar door on and off, he’s still a huge part of the appeal of the cellar door. One of the most popular staff members at the cellar door when he’s in, he spends much of his time at the winery, but when he does come into the cellar door, it’s a special, furry treat.

The wine and the atmosphere had us sold, but the fact that there’s a dog really seals the deal for us. Pop in today, tomorrow, next week, any time, they’re open seven days a week from 11am.

Gibson Wines
190 Willows Rd, Light Pass SA 5355
(08) 8562 4224
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