From Pizza To Chicken & Pig, The New Takeaway Joint Mixing Up The Pirie Street Flavour

From the guys who brought us Pizza E Mozzarella Bar (yum) comes their new food venture, Chicken & PIg

From the guys that bought us one of the best pizza joints in Adelaide, Pizza E Mozzarella Bar, comes their more chilled out and food on the move venue, Chicken & Pig.

Set in the bustling food hub of Pirie Street, this location seemed ideal for the ‘Italian-style paninoteca’ to serve its delicious offerings to the hungry lunchtime work crowd.

“Pirie Street is a wonderful location that we are fortunate to be a part of, it is a lively part of the CBD, especially during the lunch rush,” said Tom Bubner, one of the owners of Chicken & Pig.

After three and a half years of successfully running Pizza E Mozzarella Bar, Tom and the three other owners (all of who are chefs by trade), couldn’t pass up the opportunity to open another restaurant nearby that targeted the takeaway market.

Now, some of you might read takeaway and immediately think ‘yuck’. It will be greasy, fatty, tasteless and have no love in its preparation. Well when it comes to this takeaway joint, you would be wrong. So wrong…

In a warm and welcoming environment, just like Nonna’s house, customers will experience takeaway on steroids. Think fresh bread and mouthwatering meats all cooked in a wood oven. Oh yes. We are basically dribbling just thinking about it. Did we mention that their staple daily meats will be free range chicken and slow roasted porchetta (that’s pig for those playing at home)? Hence the name, obviously.

With a focus on local and fresh, this place just keeps ticking all the boxes, and it isn’t even open yet! You choose your filling, the meat and the salad, and decide to have that thrown lovingly into a freshly made panini or a salad box. Personally, we couldn’t pass up a wood oven panini. We would actually love one now…

The boys are so keen to serve up some quality, fresh takeaway food in the CBD and, honestly, we can’t wait either! Keep your eye out for Chicken & Pig, hopefully opening its doors this week.

Chicken & Pig

Where: 78a Pirie Street, Adelaide
When: Lunchtime Only
Contact: 8227 2419

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