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From Restaurant To Runway, Maccas Unveils Clothing Line And More

To celebrate their partnership with UberEATS, Maccas is launching a line of apparel and homewares.

From having your eighth birthday party in the McDonalds party room, to the much-needed $1 menu; to 3am on a Saturday night when you ask the taxi driver or the long-suffering DD to use the drive-thru, to the friend who’s always keen for a Maccas run, Maccas is an Australian cultural staple. So much so that, unlike everywhere else in the world, we’ve christened it “Maccas.”

The way we’ve interacted with the fast food giant has evolved over the years, including learning the ropes of making your own ‘gourmet’ burgers, FINALLY getting Maccas delivered (thanks UberEATS) and figuring out how to use the new McDonalds app.

In fact, since UberEATS delivery launched in June, McDonald’s has transformed the way customers can enjoy their favourite Maccas meals and Australia becoming one of the leading markets globally for McDelivery. And it seemed like everyone was talking about it.

There was only one thing missing. A McDonald’s burger onesie to Netflix and chill in, whilst enjoying said delivered Maccas order. Well dream about this no longer. A most unexpected and bizarre addition has been added to the menu at McDonalds and love it or hate it, we know it’s going to be popular as hell.

To celebrate their the global launch of McDelivery, a partnership with UberEATS, McDonald’s has designed the McDelivery Collection, an eclectic line of comfy apparel and homewares. McDonald’s has developed the custom collection to create the ultimate experience for ordering McDonalds and savouring it wherever you are.

Of course this is going to be HUGE news for that one friend of yours (everyone has one) worships McDonalds. So go on, be their hero and spread the good news.

The tongue-in-cheek range is designed to take you from day to night. For your daytime needs, a hoodie, sweatpants, and a picnic blanket is available, and for night, pillowcases and – get this – onesie pyjamas. Remember that time around five years ago when onesies became a big trend, and it was socially acceptable to go to the supermarket wearing a unicorn onesie? Maccas is bringing it back.

“The McDelivery Collection is a fun way for us to celebrate delivery and treat some of our customers to a little surprise when they order via UberEATS on the 26 July,” says Jenni Dill, Chief Marketing Officer of McDonald’s Australia. “We’ve received great feedback and seen amazing success since we launched McDelivery and we’re excited to continue offering new ways for Aussies to engage with the brand.”

Now that one Maccas friend is set for life with their Maccas attire – or, if they’ve got a birthday coming up – you can go all in and establish yourself as the Alpha Friend.

And to those who aren’t as keen to wear a burger onesie on an everyday basis? Maybe we can just save it for a costume party.

The McDelivery Collection is limited in quantity and sizes and will be distributed on a first in, best dressed basis on July 26th, 2017. A list of participating restaurants can be found at

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