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From the Caribbean to Rundle Street, Felici chefs are shaking things up

Both Jodie and Luciano are originally from Adelaide and they knew they wanted to create something special together in their home city

Felici Espresso Bar claims it has the best bacon and egg roll. After trying, we’re a little inclined to agree.

The little coffee nook on the corner of Rundle Street may be small but it packs quite the punch.

Behind every great cafe, are a set of equally great owners. This is no exception for proprietors Jodie Murray and Luciano Liguoro, who are both incredibly passionate about showcasing their immense talents to their customers and those around them.

Both Jodie and Luciano have lived a life that most of us only dream of. How would you like to travel the world on a super luxury yacht?

Well, that is exactly what Jodie did when she became a chef and decided to hone her skills by working on luxury yachts – spending summers in the Mediterranean and winters in the Caribbean.

“I’m a creative person and I enjoy experimenting with different textures and flavours – essentially art on a plate. So being able to travel was not only an opportunity as a solo woman to visit new and unexplored places – but to experience a different side of life. You get a different view of the world when you are at sea.

“It was an amazing experience because when we pulled into shore, wherever we were I was able to go to local markets to source fresh food, and with no budget to speak of, I could indulge my skills with caviar, fois gras, hand caught salmon or golden raspberries,” Jodie says.

When Jodie returned to Australia she met business partner Luciano in Sydney, and as he too is a chef, it made sense for them to combine their talents and they did just that.

Not only is Luciano a chef, but he also has followed his passion for musicianship, performing for crowds every chance he gets. Songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Luciano can always be found showcasing his artistic prowess.

Both Jodie and Luciano are originally from Adelaide and they knew they wanted to create something special together in their home city, by putting their own experience and spin on café food with a good vibe.

In 2020 they established Felici Espresso Bar on Rundle Street, a café with an eclectic décor, high ceilings, stressed woodwork and great food.

“We pride ourselves on providing something special with our food, coffee and wine and live music and we love being part of the East End, we very much express the uniqueness and vibe that is the East End of Adelaide,” Jodie says.

Both Jodie and Luciano offer a range of experiences at Felici Espresso Bar, whether it’s linking in with East End regular events like the Fringe or the current Illuminate season or hosting something special in their function space for that individual touch, they always welcome the opportunity to bring people together and to indulge their love of food.

Be sure to catch Felici for extended late-night trading hours this Illuminate season, where you will find a new delicious dessert menu. Your evenings will be accompanied by the musical stylings of Luciano whilst cosying up to a deliciously warm fire pit.

Slinging coffees and fresh food, you can get your coffee, juice or wine fix at this cute and casual little eatery.

Find Felici Espresso Bar at 261 Rundle St, Adelaide SA 5000.

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