Frozen Beer Co. Launches in Australia

Say goodbye to warm beer forever, FROZEN Beer Co. is here!

Say goodbye to warm beer forever, FROZEN Beer Co. is here!
Australian beer lovers everywhere need to get ready to redefine their ideas on how cold their beer should be served, as Frozen Beer Co. land in Adelaide this week.
Imagine having your favorite beer consistently served cold this summer with a delicious, silky and smooth beer head. Produced under -15°C, this beer can can be as thick or as small as your heart desires. 
While traditional beer enthusiasts may find the concept of frozen beer challenging, they should dare themselves to try it! The integrity of the beer is not lost and is the same as if it were cold. Better yet, frozen beer stays cold for at least 30 minutes, which means you can really enjoy having ‘a cold one’ on a hot summer day.
Frozen Beer Co. is all about ease, and that means that a venue just has to put their beer of choice into the machine and let it do the work… No water or additives are required to make the beer freeze, it just uses revolutionised technology.
It’s a craze that originated in Japan and has since gone on and become a hit in the US, Canada and even France. In the US, frozen beer was introduced to the Dodgers Stadium where baseball fans could enjoy a frozen beer at $11 a pint. Frozen beer can also be enjoyed on a day out at Walt Disney’s Epcot Theme Park, Bay Lake Florida. In Chicago this year, frozen beer was available at Lagunitas Beer Circus and music festivals.
Frozen Beer Co. has already been causing quite a stir on social media with some of Adelaide’s famous faces having joined together to promote the new product. From the likes of Bollywood actress and model, Lucinda Nicholas, My Kitchen Rules’ Paul Wood, famous YouTuber Jake Bley, photographer Alex Drewniak, ex-Adelaide Councilor and business man Francis Wong, Finesse Model Madz Ando, Channel 7’s Christina Cavaleri and more.
Now Frozen Beer Co. will make their début in our very own Adelaide, ahead of Thursday nights national launch party at The Loft Bar, where over 350 of Adelaide’s A-list will anticipate their first taste.
Venues interested in serving frozen beer are invited to contact Frozen Beer Co.

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