Fun Tea Introduces Nutella Bubble Tea!


Nutella and bubble tea don’t immediately register as a combination, in fact, it harkens to other strange mixtures such as that of chips and ice cream and the age old topic of contention, pineapple on pizza. Whilst at first the idea of Nutella and bubble tea is received with a… huh?, give the idea some time because you begin to realise just how strangely complementary the pairing is.

Fun Tea‘s launch of Nutella Dirty Tea and Nutella Dirty Bao is the start of something great and it’s coming just in time on World Nutella Day.

The dirty tea’s are a new sensation and only sold in Australia. Every cup with this series of tea is made with purely fresh milk, and added to are various options, such as strawberry, mango, matcha, or the mostly-fancied black sugar dirty tea. This limited edition tea uses Nutella as its foremost ingredient.

Alongside the tea is a baked Nutella pizza. Imagine a Nutella bread: a multilayered bun made with an ultra-indulgent pastry and generously filled with creamy Nutella. It’s baked daily in their store and to top it up, it’s dusted with fine cocoa powder for an irresistible flavour and intoxicating aroma.

The Fun Tea is made only with premium ingredients, including freshly brewed loose-leaf tea, homemade brown sugar bubbles, fresh milk and fruits straight from Adelaide Central Markets, supporting SA local production. 

We’ve convinced you, haven’t we? Well these Nutella products are only available for a limited time so head to Fun Tea’s new location to try the goodness.

Where: 6-10 York St Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA 5000
When: 5 February 2019 aka World Nutella Day

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