Fusco Constructions to build new headquarters at Tonsley Innovation District

Tonsley Innovation District will soon home important state government projects, after being selected as the new base for Fusco Constructions.

Image: One of the major projects that Fusco Constructions has completed for State Government.

Tonsley Innovation District will soon home important state government projects, after being selected as the new base for Fusco Constructions, a leading innovative modular construction company.

Established in the 1960s as a plumbing business, Fusco Constructions is a South Australian company that has evolved over the years into a renowned specialist in fabrication and construction, now with a workforce of 35 dedicated employees.

The company has earned the trust of both public and private sectors, particularly in delivering crucial government projects across key regional areas.

The expansion will see the construction of a new 4000m2 undercover manufacturing facility at the heart of Tonsley Innovation District, that will not only improve Fusco’s modular construction capabilities, but also accommodate the demands of transporting the final products, including the deployment of large trucks.

By merging its operations into a central hub at Tonsley, Fusco aims to make its processes smoother and enhance overall work efficiency.

With plans to commence construction towards the end of the year, Fusco anticipates an 18-month timeline for the completion of its brand-new facilities.

Situated south of the Main Assembly Building along MAB Circuit, the new headquarters at Tonsley is set to become a hub of innovation and excellence in the construction landscape.

“Companies like Fusco Constructions are helping demonstrate that modular construction is an evolving speciality that can deliver real benefits, and I welcome their decision to join the innovation community at the Tonsley Innovation District,” Minister for Housing and Urban Development, Nick Champion, said.
“Demand for skills and knowledge in the construction industry continues to increase, and we need the sector to continue to develop new approaches to support development across the state.”

“The exciting thing about moving to Tonsley is that we’re going to be working alongside innovative companies who are already seeing the benefits of modular construction,” John Fusco, Owner of Fusco Constructions, said.
“We believe the learnings we can gain from our neighbours – particularly in terms of the role robotics might play in the future of construction – are going to be really valuable.
“Being close to the TAFE is also going to be fantastic. We do our own civil and plumbing works, and we have apprentices who go to TAFE, so having that supply of training and job-ready skills on our doorstep will be great for our growth.
“The old ‘hot box’ transportable is a thing of the past. We’re now able to deliver an architecturally designed, bespoke solution for our clients that is completely fit for purpose, is great to work in and doesn’t look or feel temporary in any way.”

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