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The SA beers that made the top 100 list from around the country

The GABS hottest 100 craft beers list for 2022 has been unveiled, which wraps up the beer scene across Australasia.

The GABS hottest 100 craft beers list for 2022 has been unveiled, which wraps up the beer scene across Australia.

This 100-beer list is the 15th annual countdown from GABS, which itself stands for General Australasian Beer SpecTAPular, with 8 South Aussie tinnies ranking on the charts.

The #1 for 2022 came from New South Wales, with Mountain Culture, Status Quo, Hazy Pale Ale being crowned king drink.

This list, which shares the nation’s favourites is designed to reflect what people enjoyed with their mates over the past year and the best drops around.

Keen to crack open a cold one? Well, over 60,000 registered voters took part in GABS hottest 100, including Prime Minister Albanese, with 2,140 different beers nominated by Australians. 58 breweries dominated the list this year. Can you guess which ones made it from the state?

With the warmer weather in January carrying into February before summer wraps up, here are the SA brewskis that made us proud, along with where they came in. All of which are great for a hot day!

#8. Coopers Brewery, Original Pale Ale, Australian Pale Ale

Between Young Henrys, Newtowner, Australian Pale Ale from NSW, which came in at #7 and Victoria’s Bridge Road Brewers, Beechworth Pale Ale (American Pale Ale) at #9, is a staple of South Australia.

The #8 spot for Aussie beers went to the classic green can that we all know and love, courtesy of Coopers Brewery.

Considering that the Original Pale Ale took out the #11 spot in the 2021 results, the past year was a huge spike in popularity and brand loyalty, all with the same great taste.

#13. Pirate Life Brewing, South Coast Pale Ale, American Pale Ale

Taking the #13 spot, Port Adelaide’s Pirate Life Brewing performed rather well, only just missing out on breaking the top-10.

In 2021, the same beer only reached #16, which is further proof that each year, SA gets closer to gaining the recognition it deserves for amazing glasses of ice-cold ales.

South Coast Pale is citrusy, crisp, and crushable, with a gentle haze and cruisy 4.4% ABV.

#26. Coopers Brewery, Sparkling Ale, Australian Pale Ale

After a few other states crowded the list, Coopers made a comeback at #26, with the red-ringed label of the delicious Sparkling Ale.

In the 2021, the love for this bottle of bliss didn’t come close, with the #40 spot. So, yeah, I guess you can say that the Coopers fanaticism is spreading across Aus, with this subtle-to-sip beverage jumping in popularity.

#39. Coopers Brewery, Coopers XPA, American Pale Ale

Hopping into the #39 slot, Coopers XPA delivers a rich hops flavour that makes it a distinct drink to try, if you’re getting into beer and looking to broaden your horizons. It seems more Aussies are looking for something different and the XPA does just that. Cheers!

In the 2021 list, the XPA hit the #43 spot, so we’re still on our way to the top!

#51. Big Shed Brewing Concern, Boozy Fruit ,New England IPA

South Australian brewery, Big Shed Brewing’s Boozy Fruit is a New England IPA that’s tantalizing tongue-tip sip that’s taking the #51 position on the country’s 2022 list. If you’ve never tried it, maybe it’s worth seeing whether this drop will break the top-50 next year!

#74. Coopers Brewery, Coopers Pacific Pale Ale, Australian Pale Ale

Coopers continues to monopolise the 2022 list, coming in again at #74 with the Pacific Pale Ale which has won the hearts and livers of beer-fans with this mildly bitter and particular taste and blue label. It’s sessionable and something else, but most importantly, it’s ours.

#88. Mismatch Brewing Co, Session Ale, Session IPA

At 88th, Mismatch Brewing have made an appearance for their Session Ale IPA. Based at Lot 100 in the Adelaide Hills, this IPA is a delight from the company which was founded in 2007.

This beer was created to be full of flavour with a lower alcohol content, balanced with enough bitterness to make this beer drinkable and moreish.

Reckon it’ll rank higher in the 2023 wrap-up?

#93. Coopers Brewery, Best Extra Stout, Extra Stout

Rounding out this list, the Best Extra Stout by Coopers Brewery managed to sneak on at 93rd place, with the rich heavy flavour of a stout being rather divisive. Still, whether it’s Guiness or our beloved Coopers, there’s no denying that this great state knows beer and SA can revel in the bragging rights of taking out titles in the GABS hottest 100 list again.

To see the full list for yourself, check out the GABS website and maybe add it to your favourite tabs to have your say next year.

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