Gallery: RSO At Adelaide Entertainment Centre 26th Sep


All Pics by Dave Gartland

Highlights from RSO- Richie Sambora + Orianthi, with Sarah McLeod @ The Entertainment Centre Monday 26th Sep

d3d_5878 d3d_5894 d3d_5913 d3d_5961 d3d_5951 d3d_5921 d3d_5920 d3d_5919 d3d_5914 d3s_7988 d3s_7977 d3s_7966 d3s_7954 d3d_6061 d3d_5997 d3d_5995 d3s_8116 d3s_8065 d3s_8057 d3s_8022 d3s_8002 d3s_8188 d3s_8167 d3s_8132-2 d3s_8123-2 d3s_8120 d3s_8283 d3s_8241 d3s_8220 d3s_8214 d3s_8206 d3s_8198 d3s_8195

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