Gaming icon Bajo chats about all things Twitch, gaming and what’s next

10/10 rubber chickens. If you know, you know.

Growing up in the early 2000s, the internet and television helped raise us. That specific time in pop culture help mould and create our personality, even if we may have not known it.

ABC’s children’s programming has contributed heavily to that growth personally. ABC 3 in particular had TV titans like Prank Patrol, Mortified, Grossology and Blue Water High, just to name a few. When it comes to the hosts of some of those shows, you felt as though you knew them. They were just another cool friend that gave you something to look forward to when you came home from school.

That is how we all felt when watching Good Game and later Good Game SP. Hosted by Stephanie ‘Hex’ Bendixsen, and Steven ‘Bajo’ O’Donnell. Coming home from school and switching on the TV was a catharsis that we didn’t know we were experiencing at the time. Bajo and Hex were your older cousins that chatted all things gaming. Although some of us had the gaming insight of a spoon, it didn’t matter. We were all enthralled.

After Bajo departed Good Game, changes where made to not his career path, but also his home. Moving to Adelaide a few years ago, Bajo has now established a new audience on Twitch as a full time streamer. Self-proclaimed “internet silly person”, Bajo has now amassed over 90k loyal followers and shows no signs of stopping.

With his experience in TV, Bajo’s infectious and relatable personality truly translates into his streams. Live for up to five hours a day, Bajo’s seems to take all of his success in stride.

But through all of this, Bajo’s humility has never seemed to waver.

“I am just grateful to have the audience that I have. All of my followers are so lovely and I just know how lucky I am.

“To repay my fans for their kindness, I knew that I had to do something different with my stream. I couldn’t see anyone doing really high production value content on Twitch, so I just wanted to do something creative to thank people. And I also get so much creative fulfilment when I put out a sketch, so that’s a bonus.” Bajo says.

Twitch is described by Bajo as the “wild west”, and for good reason. The streaming platform has really taken off in the last few years, reflecting how far we’ve come when it comes to live streaming.

“I really got in the right time, Twitch is so competitive so you have to do something different to get noticed.” Bajo says.

As someone who knew what it felt like to be isolated from his peers, Bajo acknowledges that “gaming is how I found my people”, and it looks like the same is happening with his audience.

When asked what advice he would give to an up and coming streamer, he simply said, “be different. Don’t look at what popular streamers are doing and copy them, find your thing, lean into it and be consistent. Also get good sound, no one wants to listen to your stream if your sound is bad.”

What’s next for the gaming star? Bajo explains that he is “quite happy with what I’m doing and I can’t see myself stopping streaming, but you never know where I might end up”.

Bajo is someone we have all seen grow and mature into his content. It is clear that Bajo deserves all the success he receives.

If you take anything from an interaction with Bajo, it is that he cares. Nothing is done half-arsed. It is all meticulously created, developed and distributed. He cares for not only his craft, but also his loyal following.

Bajo is the truest example of what it means to be internet success story.

Check out Bajo’s Twitch channel for yourself, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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