Gary Castles Talks Trends…

Gary CastleGary Castles was in town last Thursday 6 May for a VIP night at his King William Road boutique and I was lucky enough to sit down with him for 10 minutes.

His welcoming nature immediately calmed my nerves and within a few minutes I realised one of Australia’s most successful high-end shoe designers is extremely genuine, honest and down to earth.

I asked him what he thought about Adelaide’s style and was pleasantly surprised with his answer.   I personally think Adelaide has a great sense of style and Gary Castles couldn’t agree more.

Although he says he hasn’t had too much time to get out and suss out our style, he has always believed Adelaide is on the same scale as the capital cities – we just don’t have as many people to show it off!  He went on to say he wouldn’t have opened a store here if he didn’t think we were quirky enough.

His Autumn/Winter 2010 collection is stunning and all about boots! Castles inspiration came from his travels through Europe last year.

He travelled through London, Italy, Holland and his home town Austria to observe different lifestyles and trends to develop his latest creations. Castles explained his inspirations come from everywhere and will always focus on what’s hot and what’s wearable.

His must have pick for this season, is the over the knee boot.  Explaining how versatile it has become with the option of flat, mid-heel or if your game enough the stiletto and when worn over leggings or jeans, Castles says they make everyone look hot!

Before we know it, it will be summer again and Gary Castles was kind enough to share his inside knowledge on what will big for Spring/Summer 2010/11.

Clogs are back, whether we like it or not. Although Castles doesn’t seem sold on its return, he did say, “If you’re going to do it, make sure it’s an open toe clog”.

As we were wrapping up the interview he let me on a little secret of his. When he was 21 he flew to the US and spent a year and half working as a cleaner on a ski resort! I’m pretty sure the only thing he would clean now is his shoes!

Check out the latest collection in store now at, 92 King William Rd, Hyde Park.

You can also check them all out on his website

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