Gelato Bello's Insanely Delicious Tasting Platter Has Us Drooling

Gelato Bello’s Insanely Delicious Tasting Platter Has Us Drooling

Are you hungry? Well, you’re about to be. Gelato Bello have created a mouthwatering Tasting Platter for two with all of the essentials in candy land.


Are you hungry? Well you’re about to be. So, Gelato Bello has created one of the most amazing looking tasting platter for two (pfft, or one if you like a challenge). This is seriously rumbling our Winter bellies here at Glam, so we just wanted to show you exactly what you could be eating right now.

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The Gelato Tasting Platter for Two has hot crepe pieces, hot Belgian waffle pieces, fresh strawberries, mini-marshmallows, melted Belgian chocolate, melted white chocolate and 8 flavours of gelati. If this isn’t on your dessert to do list, I suggest you it now.

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Posted by Gelato Bello on Thursday, May 10, 2018

If a tasting plate isn’t your thing, their extensive menu will entice you. (Hot crepes with Toblerone (omg) and raspberry and white chocolate with raspberries)

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