Gemma Munro and Taryn Brumfitt are back to motivate women with their second program launch

Dr Gemma Munro and Taryn Brumfitt are launching their second online program to motivate women across the world.

Long-time friends and global leaders Dr. Gemma Munro (award-winning business leader, performance psychologist and speaker), and Taryn Brumfitt (acclaimed filmmaker, best-selling author and body image advocate) have teamed up once again with the mission to positively impact thousands of women via an online injection of sparkle, joy and adventure. 

With multiple awards, achievements and experience between the two of them, Munro and Brumfitt are the perfect duo for motivation and positivity. 

Embrace x Radical Vibrancy is the second online initiative for the dynamic duo, having released the ‘Unstoppable’ program in 2014. Whilst ‘Unstoppable’ helped thousands of women around the world, life certainly didn’t stop for either of the Founders. 

Within three short years, Munro and Brumfitt had to navigate divorces, move houses, raise children, business sales, finding new lovers and partners.

With their personal lives hidden from the public eye, these two women illustrate the strength and dedication everyday women go through. 

Emerging from darker days into glorious sunshine, these two women will inspire and present their messages on how to make notable changes to your lifestyle. 

The five-day program is available to everyone and will directly make a positive and confident impact. Through the encouragement and support provided by Munro and Brumfitt, women can visibily see the transformative change that is promoted by the program. 

“Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than undergoing a program on personal transformation and having to listen to someone who hasn’t experienced the pitfalls and hardships of life first-hand,” says Taryn Brumfitt. 

“I’m pretty confident that between the two of us, we have experienced pretty much everything…and trust me when I say, we don’t always do it with ease and grace – it is raw, ugly and absolutely heart-breaking but breathtakingly beautiful at the same time” Taryn adds. 

“And whilst we are able to talk from personal experience,” says Dr Munro, “We are also leaders in our respective fields…we’ve walked the walk, and we know the topics we cover inside out and back to front.” 

For a $69 membership, Embrace x Radical Vibrancy offers life-time access to a series of videos, journals and potent shots of inspiration to help them with their journey to obtain a life they secretly have dreamt of, and a radically vibrant life at that. 

With the program officially launching yesterday, willing participants are able to gain access to the program via their website – 


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