Still from The Silent Revolution

German Film Festival Set For Glittering Opening Tonight.

The German Film Festival 2018 opens tonight at Palace Nova Eastend, with Berentzen cocktails, live entertainment and German delicacies.


Don’t despair that Mad March is over and the Cabaret Festival hasn’t started yet: Adelaide hosts a year-long series of wonderful film festivals, complete with special events.

Tonight, the German Film Festival opens at Palace Nova Eastend.

This year’s festival features an array of wonderful movies from Germany, along with a special screening of the Wim Wenders classic, Wings of Desire.

Come along and join in the fun with Berentzen cocktails, live entertainment and German delicacies at 6pm followed by the Screening of The Silent Revolution, an inspiring, true story, set in post-war East Germany, at 7pm. Es wird eine großartige Nacht!

Check out the full festival program here.
Tickets available here.

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