Get A Glimpse Inside Some Of Adelaide’s Most Architecturally Beautiful Homes

Get a sneak peek into some of Adelaide’s most beautiful homes as a part of the Festival of Architecture and Design when it hits Adelaide

Open House Adelaide (OHA) returns to Adelaide for its fourth year and this time will take visitors inside architecture and design studios, unlocking the doors of significant gems that lie within the city and through award-winning residential projects across three days of the Festival of Architecture and Design. The program is presented by the Australian Institute of Architects and supported by History SA, who established the initiative in Adelaide as part of the Open House Worldwide movement.

For the first time this year, four award-winning residential projects will be open for exclusive group tours led by the architect and their clients, including Burnside House by Max Pritchard Architect, Norwood Residence by Dimitty Andersen Architect, and Roodenrys Kewell House addition by Troppo.

Home owners Ken Erwood and Sue Pitman of Burnside House explains their experience, ‘the end of the process is the beginning. The construction is at an end, the builders are finished, and we have made the house our home. This is when we really begin to appreciate the creative contribution that our architect has made to this elegant, peaceful and livable space: the most enjoyable home that we have yet experienced.’

Photo Credit: Peter Barnes

Photo Credit: Peter Barnes

Ken continues ‘Max Pritchard gently ushered us through a long and complex process. His experience brought our short and simple brief to life in ways that we find amazing, and resolved the tensions between design wishes and practical sustainability with thoughtful ingenuity.’

Held from Friday 9 – Sunday 11 October, most spaces in the OHA program are free and limited tickets are available for the in-focus tours.

The Festival of Architecture and Design program of events, including Open House Adelaide is now available online at www.fad.org.au/.

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