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Masterchef’s Huda Has Opened A Middle-Eastern Inspired Vegan Ice Creamery

Masterchef’s Huda Al Sultan has opened a local ice creamery, offering Middle-Eastern and vegan frozen desserts.

Masterchef star Huda Al Sultan has thrilled locals by opening her very own ice cream shop right here in Adelaide.

The shop, Sassi Ice Cream, offers an alluring range of Middle-Eastern inspired frozen goodies, all of which are dairy-free and look absolutely delicious.

Family has been a large driving force behind Sassi Ice Cream’s creation; Huda says her use of exotic Middle-Eastern flavours was inspired by her desire to share her heritage with her children and connect them with their Saudi-Arabian roots.

“I have three kids and I wanted to link my kids to their background through food,” Huda says.

“Food is so powerful, and I wanted my kids to taste those flavours to bring back memories and connect my children with their background and roots.”

Huda is extremely passionate about the environment and animal welfare; a huge contributor to the decision to make exclusively vegan and dairy-free products. She also wanted to provide a tasty and quality option for people who can’t enjoy regular dairy ice cream.

“I have a few family members who can’t eat dairy, and it’s sometimes very frustrating to find good quality vegan ice cream for them,” Huda says.

With Huda’s unique frozen creations showcasing the flavours of her home country, people of all dietary preferences will be more than happy to indulge.

A fan favourite at Sassi Ice Cream is their Baklawa Dream. Inspired by tradition Middle-Eastern baklawa, this ice cream is blended with crispy filo pastry, chopped pistachios, aromatic spices, and the sweetness of either an orange blossom or rose syrup. Yum.

Huda is extremely grateful for the support she’s gained from Masterchef, and believes her success on the show has been paramount to the success of her current business venture.

“Masterchef opened a window of opportunities for me to bulk up my platform and introduce myself,” Huda says.

“It also helped me to boost myself to go further and to challenge myself more and launch this business in a challenging food industry.”

Huda is a proud South Australian citizen, and is thrilled to be operating her business within her local community.

“The advantage of being in a small state is you can sense the support immediately from the community – it’s like a family. It makes you feel stronger, like you are not alone,” Huda says.

Sassi Ice Cream is currently located at the Adelaide Central Market where you can visit Huda until October 19.

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