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Get mac and cheese burgers, freakshakes and more at this shrine to gluttony

An over the top burger bar has opened in Para Hills.

Some dishes like, say, a big unctuous ragu, or brimming bowl of tonkotsu pork ramen, walk a fine line between utterly satisfying and overwhelming.

Others, like the mac and cheese burger at Munchies burger bar, leave you gasping for air, unsure if you’ll ever be able to eat again.

But there’s an allure to the challenge of finishing a frankenburger, freakshake, or, *shudder*, cronut, that people the world over seem unable to resist.

It’s why, this week, Munchies has been able to open a second location in Para Hills. Their flagship venue in Prospect will remain open.

The restaurant’s namesake isn’t hard to decipher when you consider the offering: massive, cheese-drenched, fried chicken-laden, sauce-covered burgers accompanied by loaded fries of every variety imaginable, and, for good measure, enormous milkshakes.

There’s also a hint at the inspiration in the opening hours… It’s a certain kind of person that wants doughnut fries at 10:30pm on a Friday night.

But, as much as we’re a little floored by the menu here, there’s also something soothing about a shrine to gluttony and opulence in a year that’s been, for the most part, horrifically shit.

So if you want to gorge your face with pepperoni pizza fries, or eat a deep fried Golden Gaytime then who are we to judge.

If all of this sounds a bit too meat-heavy, then you’ll be relieved to hear that Munchies have an entire vegan menu including burgers of mock chicken or beef, complete with vegan mayonnaise and cheese.

Munchies is a ridiculously over the top, one way ticket to coronary artery disease. But you know what? We’re kind of here for it.

Find Munchies at:
198 Prospect Road, Prospect 5082⁠
519 Bridge Road, Para Hills 5096

Both stores open 11:30am – late every day

Tune in on Instagram to see more of their diabetes-inducing creations, here.

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