Get Pumpt For Adelaide's First Indoor Skate Park

Get Pumpt For Adelaide’s First Indoor Skate Park

Adelaide’s western suburbs are home to our only indoor skating experience, offering everything from single shredding seshes to full-blown birthday parties for the skater boi/gal in your life.


Skaters looking to tear up some tarmac used to have to find their own runs around public areas, like car parks and shopping arcades. Things have changed since the inception of the sport decades ago, and many city councils have invested in public skate parks to cater to skaters, rather than have them shred up other public areas.

Taking this to the next level is Pumpt, Adelaide’s only indoor skatepark specifically designed to offer a safe but exhilarating skating experience to skaters of all levels of skill; whether you’re just a young grommet starting out on your first board, BMX, scooter or blades, or a super-pro capable of a 900-McTwisty-Goofy-Fallback. (I might have made some of those up.)

There’s a range of courses to choose from, too, to keep your active kids at bay for an hour or two. Get them to learn some new skills whilst also being out of your hair for a bit, perfecting a new trick against the airbag ramp, or hooning around their massive indoor street park showing off their new-found skills.

Pumpt provides the facilities for parties, too, with food and drinks available from their kiosk; Boneshaker. An ideal choice for any young grommet’s special day, they even offer lessons with an expert staff member to school them in the ways of shredding.

To book a session or a party, head on over to Pumpt’s website. Follow them on Facebook and Insta to keep up with promotions and events.

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