Get Ready For Lah-Lah Having Fun! This Weekend.

Mark Harris a.k.a Buzz The Bandleader

Ok Kids….and parents, if you’re looking for a fantastic activity that the kids will LOVE, then get on down to see the Lah-Lah Having Fun! show this weekend.

The award-winning cast from the ABC KIDS TV series Lah-Lah’s Adventures have a brand new and exciting show that will be in Adelaide this weekend on:

-21st October at the Golden Grove Arts Centre and,

-22nd October at the Norwood Concert Hall, Norwood

A Lah-Lah show is different from any other family concert – it’s not just full of singing and dancing and incredible live music played by some of Australia’s best musicians, it’s also educational. Lah-Lah is all about introducing kids to music and musical instruments. And, it’s VERY family orientated, with the lead players being a real-life husband and wife team who also take their kids on the road with them. How cool would that be!

Mark Harris a.k.a Buzz The Bandleader spoke to us about the new show called ‘Lah-Lah Having Fun’, and no doubt the name reflects what the shows are all about.

“We have a new show this year called Having Fun!, and we’re touring the new album of the same name which we’re very excited to say has been nominated for an ARIA for best Kid’s album this year. The Adelaide shows are the last in a pretty busy touring schedule so we’re thrilled!”

The ARIA nomination should come as no surprise to those familiar with Harris’ work outside of Lah-Lah. He’s well recognized as bassist for 3-time ARIA winning band Monsieur Camembert and French group Baby et Lulu. He is also a much sought after theatre and session musician having played for Disney’s Aladdin, The Lion King and Baz Lurhmann’s The Great Gatsby amongst others.  The music pedigree among this group is exceptional, and judging by the responses by their toughest critics- children, the group are doing something right.

“The kids absolutely love it! I can say that with confidence because at the end of every Lah-Lah show the whole band come down to the audience and not only hang out with the kids, but let them play our instruments and answer questions. So, we know firs- hand how they respond to our shows. The best thing about a Lah-Lah show is that they walk away with a tactile experience and connection with a musical instrument- it’s very educational. They get to feel the brass, pluck the strings and beat the drums.”

This serves as not only a musical education practically, but a way to show kids respect for the intricacies of the musical instruments. This is where Lah-Lah sets themselves apart in teaching kids through music- they are absolutely hands-on. Harris, along with his wife who plays the title character Lah-Lah (Tina Harris, who we interviewed last year ), are clearly both fervent advocates & passionate leaders of early childhood music education.

Being able to play to kids by day, and then play serious jazz by night is a great counter balance of music styles and genres, and both are more than comfortable with this.

“Musically, the whole thing with Lah-Lah is to be able to play music for our adult audiences with kids lyrics. Lah-Lah songs are largely Jazz with a bit of rock and roll in terms of orchestration, so we get the best of both worlds really. Our parent audience members often comment on how great it is to listen to our music even when the kids aren’t around.”

Check out a glimpse of a Lah Lah show below to get a feel for their incredible colour and energy….

Lah-Lah not only revolves around entertaining families, but their own values see them take this to a whole new level. For the Harris’s, it really is a family affair, as their two young daughters now accompany them on each tour.

Jokingly, Harris quips that “Emily Harris, our 11 year old daughter, is our official Barista on the road, and has now been promoted to catering manager (making coffees for the band and helping with food!). She also helps place the props on stage so she has a very important role to play. Lily, our 14 year old, also helps with Lighting and has the official job of briefing Lighting Operators at the venues we play at. We love to reward our kids for the work they do on the road with us, it’s great family time.“

What a great thing to be able to do as a family! These guys are the real deal, both Mark and Tina Harris are genuinely warm, and are natural born entertainers. They, along with their fellow band members, deserve the recognition and accolades that are following them.

Go see ‘Lah-Lah Having Fun!’ this weekend- your kids will love you for it! Tickets here!!!

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Interview by Dazz Hassan


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