Get Ready To Play At The Royal Croquet Club In 2016

Forgot the awesomeness of the previous year’s Royal Croquet Clubs, 2016 is set to blow our minds…

It has been a hit since its inception and after last night’s Media Launch of the 2016 Royal Croquet Club, there is absolutely no doubt in our mind that this will be the biggest and best yet. Hosted at the ever eclectic Crab Shack, we got a glimpse of what is coming…. Just get ready, people!

Royal Croquet Club

This Fringe hub is back in its home in Victoria Square, but for the first time, the Club is taking over both sides of the Square. More RCC for everyone. Yes! Plus on weekends, the road will be closed to allow people to walk through the whole venue and enjoy all that is on offer.

The old faves of the themed bars (did someone say Pimm’s?) and some of SA’s finest food will be on offer, with croquet fields on both sides (get your mallet ready), DJs and that constant buzz of entertainment will all be there.

Royal Croquet Club

The Royal Croquet Club will be getting a bit of a makeover for 2016, with a newly designed look including artistic entrances and light displays. RCC will be more babe’n than ever.

After the successful Adelaide team behind the RCC travelled to Edinburgh earlier this year to handpick the very best acts to join the Club, you can imagine what will be on offer… Like we said, It is no doubt going to be bigger and better than ever. With a vibrant and diverse range of more than 60 shows on offer and the playing field for over 150 performers, artists and entertainers, it is lucky that we will have 28 days to fit everything in !

Some of the highlights include Adelaide’s premiere of Cirque Alfose’s BARBU- Electro Trad Cabaret, the circus, dance and live music blend that is all genius, all idiot and old favourites that include all-boy hit Briefs, the dazzling Scotch & Soda and always popular Jamie McDowell & Tom Thum.

We got a preview of some telepathic party tricks and hilarity from The Adventures of Broer & Zus (we can’t wait to see this family friendly show!) and the beautiful Marie Antoinette from Tort e Mort: The Adventures of Cake and Death serenaded us. Everyone will be able to find something to enjoy in this jam packed program.

Of course, the RCC will be good for a party and night out (we did mention the Pimm’s) but it continues to be an artistic playground for families, opening at 11am on weekends to play host to a brilliant family program of shows and free family activities. Family during the day/party at night. We like that (it is like the mullet of events)!

Next year’s program for the Royal Croquet Club is going to blow every other year out of the water! Bring on February 12, for what is sure to be the most epic of opening nights!

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