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Get Set For An Action Packed (And Tasty) Thursday With Tasting Australia!

The Tasting Australia extravaganza is only just getting started…

If you thought that Tasting Australia presented by Thomas Foods couldn’t get any more action packed (and delicious), you would be wrong…

Check out what is coming up today and tonight as the event continues to delight and satisfy!

South Australia’s signature tastes will indulge diners at tonight’s Single Sites Dinner; a true expression of place as presented by seven award-winning winemakers through seven inimitable single-vineyard wines.

The menu has been specially created by seven of the state’s top chefs to compliment the distinguishable wines. The line up for this unique event includes Stephen Henschke (Henschke Wines), Stephen Pannell (SC Pannell), Jeffrey Grosset (Grosset Wines), Duncan Welgemoed (Africola) and Lachlan Colwill (Hentley Farm Restaurant).

“Single Sites Dinner celebrates a definitive spirit of place – those wines who demonstrate such an idiosyncratic note of regional landscape and site, that they have earned the right to be championed as discrete bottlings, unfettered by addition, and resisting the temptation to be ‘improved’ upon,” Tasting Australia creative director Paul Henry said.

“As such, they are true, unique wines which by their very nature cannot be replicated – or bettered – anywhere else in the world.

“Tasting Australia is all about exploring flavour and championing the unique identity of South Australia’s culinary heritage, produced by our incomparable physical and cultural landscape.”

Meanwhile, two of the world’s powerhouse chefs, Jock Zonfrillo and Matt Orlando, will surprise and satisfy tastebuds at ‘Natural’ presented by Orana and Amass. Both having cooked at the world’s “best restaurant” NOMA (Copenhagen) – Matt as head chef for three years – these culinary innovators are not afraid to challenge themselves and the palates of their diners.

Matt’s Denmark restaurant Amass is widely recognised as the successor to NOMA in terms of progressive and highquality dining. Jock is an ambassador for Tasting Australia 2016.

In Town Square (Victoria Square), demonstrations will be hosted by some of the festival’s famous faces including Paul West (River Cottage Australia) and Sean Connolly (Sean’s Kitchen), Paul Baker (Botanic Gardens Restaurant) and Anthony Myint (The Perennial).

Join Artisan’s Hour at the Tasting Australia wood oven to taste bread freshly made by certified Master Baker Jeffrey Hamelman and olive oil from the Limestone Coast’s Dee Nolan.

The South Australian Tasting Gallery presented by PIRSA also launches where guests participate in an interactive session that will provoke the senses and challenge what we think about pairings. Participants will meet local producers and Premium Food and Wine Ambassadors and introduce their palate to a number of sweet and sour, salty, or savoury flavours, which are paired with locally produced beers, wines and ciders.


11.45am – Paul West (River Cottage Australia) and Sean Connolly (Sean’s Kitchen): demonstration in Town Square
1.45pm – Paul Baker (Botanic Gardens Restaurant) and Anthony Myint (The Perennial): demonstration 3.45pm – Tim Bourke (ex-Southern Ocean Lodge): demonstration
From 4.30pm – The South Australian Tasting Gallery presented by PIRSA
4.45pm – Artisan’s Hour: Bread and Oil with Jeffrey Hamelman and Dee Nolan in Town Square
6.45pm – Robin Wickens (Royal Mail Hotel): demonstration
From 7pm – Single Sites Dinner (Adelaide Convention Centre), ‘Natural’ presented by Orana and Amass (Town Square), Dinner In The Company Of Mark Kurlansky at InterContinental Adelaide (Riverside Restaurant)

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