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Get strong and win big at STRONG Pilates Henley Beach this August

STRONG Pilates at Henley Beach is hosting a huge event called STRONG Week, from August 7th to August 13th with new dynamic classes and major prizes on offer!

Are you ready to experience fitness like never before? STRONG Pilates at Henley Beach is transforming workouts with their innovative and dynamic approach to exercise. 

To celebrate its community, STRONG Pilates are hosting a huge event called STRONG Week, from August 7th to August 13th.  

This 7-day celebration is all about honouring it’s amazing community of STRONG Humans – both members and newcomers with exciting classes and a chance to win incredible prizes. The week-long extravaganza has something exciting planned for each day.  

“It’s really a celebration of our strong humans (as we like to call them), the general rule is the prizes get bigger as the week goes along, and all the classes will be different, which is fun,” owner Stevie says.  

The prize pool is huge and worth a staggering $64,000. It includes everything from a 3-month membership to an exotic Bali escape for two, to $1,500 in cash, to an Apple Watch, a Dyson Airwrap, and more exciting prizes to make your fitness journey even more rewarding. 

What sets STRONG Pilates apart from other studios is its commitment to fostering a supportive community and providing cutting-edge fitness technology.  

The 4.5m long state-of-the-art machine combines cardio options, allowing you to choose between rowing or riding and a reformer side for targeted Pilates movements. This dynamic combination delivers a high-intensity, low-impact workout that keeps you engaged and energised throughout the session. 

During STRONG week, the studio will introduce brand-new classes, music and movements to keep you challenged every day.  

  • Monday (Stability): A Pilates class on a whole new level, designed to work your entire body and set the tone for the week ahead. 
  • Tuesday (Strength): Experience a powerful session targeting the upper, lower, and core areas of your body, with AMRAP’s, EMOM’s, and Erg blocks to elevate your heart rate and leave you feeling strong. 
  • Wednesday (Endurance): Focus on endurance and lasting the distance with a long Erg effort, slow pilates flow, and Rowflo to finish. Learn about pacing and train your aerobic energy system. 
  • Thursday (Burnout): A perfect blend of Pilates and Strength, this class will challenge you with supersetting classic movements for a fiery burn. 
  • Friday (Cardio): Prepare to sweat as you experience a high-intensity cardio session, moving between the Erg and strength sides, pushing your work capacity to the limits. 
  • Saturday (Community, Team Workout): Unite with others in teams of 3 or 4 for a fun and supportive workout that combines erg targets, strength exercises, and Pilates-based movements. 
  • Sunday (The Finisher): End the week with a bang in this all-rounder session, bringing together the best parts of STRONG Week for a rewarding finale. 

If you’re new to STRONG Pilates, now is the perfect time to join. During STRONG Week, you can experience its classes for just $5 per day. For current members, registration for STRONG Week is free. Download the Strong Pilates app, register, and purchase your STRONG Week pass for $35 to secure your spot.  

Embark on a transformative fitness adventure at STRONG Pilates Henley Beach during STRONG Week, and you might just walk away with fantastic prizes, an energized spirit, and a newfound love for a dynamic and supportive fitness community. Get ready to get STRONG. 

STRONG Pilates Henley Beach  
Where: 60-62 Mitton Ave, Henley Beach SA 5022 
When: STRONG WEEK August 7th to August 14th 
Price: STRONG Week pass is $35 
To register: Click here

Registration closes Sunday 6 August – $35 for 7 days available to purchase through the Strong Pilates app from 31st July* 

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