Get Stylishly Organised With Sarah Shanahan’s Tips

Organising never looked so good…

Organising. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea… Luckily we have Sarah Shanahan, our resident self confessed organising lover (check out her amazing Instagram account here) to help us out… Check out her tips!

Organising peoples homes, pantries in particular, is one of my favourite things to do. Oh the simple joy it gives me to see spaces newly organised, sorted and labelled. Being such a visual person, organising can be a bit, ahem, boring! So here are my tips to getting stylishly organised:

Accessorise, Functionally

Spice things up a little with gorgeous accessories that play a role! Like a beautiful woven basket that looks great but actually holds all of your cushions and rugs, or magazines!

Label Label Label

It does the job, but it can be a little boring. However, I have stumbled across a clever, creative collaboration (I literally wanted to jump right into my phone and hug them when I saw it)! Basically it means cool, modern, fun, identifiable labels for your pantry. These fun labels are a collaboration between and

FYI, these girls are offering them as free printable hand lettered pantry labels for a short time, so get in quick before I order them all!

Hire An Organiser

Watch out pantries across Adelaide, I’m coming for you! If you want to make it easier than easy, you can hire a Professional Organiser (like myself) to come into your home and whip it into shape! You may hate doing it but it is my passion! Seriously, I am a little obsessed!

Photo from Zuer Designs and The Creativity Exchange.


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