Get The Right Fuel For Your Gym Sesh

Get The Right Fuel For Your Gym Sesh

Meet the new Adelaide cafe making a nutritious and healthy diet for active lifestyles easy, delicious and fun!


Fitness isn’t just about exercising constantly. Most trainers and professional buff people agree that fitness begins in the kitchen with a carefully selected diet to sustain those gym sessions. Choosing, purchasing and preparing these ultra-healthy meals can be confusing and exhausting on top of everything else.

It’s definitely not as simple as chucking a whole bunch of healthy-seeming foods into a blender and hoping for the best. Fitness nutritionists tend to recommend a number of different diet structures, depending on what your body’s requirements and fitness goals are. Are you trying to lose weight, build up muscle or tone up those you’ve gained so far? You’ll need meals that specifically cater to those fitness needs.

Here to take the mystery and effort out of choosing the right diet for the right session is Muscle Bar Adelaide, recently opened on O’Connell St – Adelaide’s first cafe that caters exclusively to the exclusive dietary requirements of various fitness goals.

Owner Bodie Milsom also owns the F45 health clubs at Paradise, Magill, Burnside and North Adelaide, and is offering entirely unique packages that combine the services of the clubs and the health-oriented cafe; providing meal plans, supplements and body scans for those wanting to take their fitness to the next level.

Muscle Bar Cafe’s menu is split into three sections: Growth, Define & Nourish. Growth provides delicious high-protein and high-carb options for those looking for high-energy fuel to turn into ripped muscles. There are Carb Bowls like the brilliantly-named Big Unit seen below, and Protein Shakes for handy liquid meals to get you through a training sesh.

The Define section offers low-carb options like the Keto Bowls to keep you looking trim and taught, such as the gorgeous Big-ish Brekky shown here.

Finally, the Nourish options focus on vegetarian and vegan meals to flush out toxins and ensure digestive health. The Fruitzilla is a colourful blend of nutritious brekkie and guilt-free dessert that’s sure to please both your tastebuds and waistline.

Beyond offering some of the tastiest-looking health food we’ve ever seen, Muscle Bar Cafe is also a great place to find friends with similar interests, or just to unwind and refuel in a lovely space after a particularly gruelling workout.

Muscle Bar Cafe (along with a solid exercise routine of course) will have you looking swole, svelte or slinky in no time!

The fittest cafe ever opens officially on the 17th of March, check out their Facebook page for more info.

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