Adelaide Fringe

Get To North Terrace Before The Fringe Illumination Ends This Weekend!

Fringe Illumination’s next-level light show on iconic Adelaide buildings ends this Sunday!

The stunning bright lights of the Fringe Illumination on North Terrace are exciting the senses of everyone in Adelaide; and ought to get the kids away from their usual bright light source of iPads etc. The iconic buildings of Adelaide including the State Library, the South Australian Museum, the Art Gallery of South Australia and the University of Adelaide are transformed into living canvases of light, but only until this Sunday 28 February.

The animated content gives onlookers a clue as to what’s going on inside the buildings. Renowned Adelaide projection company illuminart has worked closely with the Museum and State Library to create projections that bring to life their collections, like creepy-crawlies and circus ‘freaks’.

It’s not just a feast for the eyes either, with sounds, stories and even an interactive display on Elder Hall, where passers-by can manipulate what is projected. It really is a form of entertainment with many people stopping to take a seat and enjoy the free show.

This display is simply a must-see; the unique, vibrant colours alone, fill you with joy; add to that the animation, and the rare moments of silence as the crowd stare in awe, and you’ve got yourself the perfect way to end, or begin your night out.

The lights are on every night from 8.30pm till 1.00am, finishing on Sunday 28 February, so get there before it is too late!

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