This Rundle Mall Jeweller Can Make Your Fantasy Ring A Reality

If you’re thinking about getting a little something shiny for that special someone (or dropping hints that you’d like a little something shiny), we’ve found the perfect solution for you!


We all know diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right?

With event season and a bright new year around the corner, we imagine a lot of you are thinking about getting a little something shiny for that special someone (or are dropping hints that you would like a little something shiny)—and if that’s the case, we think we may have found the perfect solution.

While it’s a nice idea to go out and choose a ready-made ring, how much better would it be if you could get a ring uniquely and perfectly designed just for you? There would be no other like it in the whole world!

Is that thought alone enough to set your heart aflutter? Well, then, we’d love to introduce you to Nazanin, the Senior Designer at Gerard McCabe Jewellers—also known as the designer who can make all your dreams come true (if they’re related to your ideal ring, that is).

Gerard McCabe have recently introduced a bespoke design service, where Nazanin will meet with you exclusively in-store to discuss all your ideas and hopes for a piece that will be uniquely yours. 

While she has specialities in several design fields, jewellery is her passion. Nazanin can either create a ring from scratch or remodel an existing ring you have—either way, in just a short eight weeks, you’ll end up with a ring unlike any other in the world.

If you’re eager to sit down with Nazanin and chat about what individual designs she can create for you, book an appointment online with Gerard McCabe.

They’ve also got a huge variety of rings available, so check them out while you’re there. You never know—you might find something that strikes your fancy! Or just simply get inspired for your own ring designing sesh.


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