Getaway: Enjoy European Opulence At Martinsell Manor

A magnificent piece of South Australian history, this turn of the century home give glimpses of a bygone era.

Everyone who’s watched or read a period romance has probably wanted to pretend to live like the aristocracy at least once.

Noble titles are few and far between in Australia, but you can still put on airs if you stay up at the majestic Martinsell Manor in the Pewsey Vale wine region.

Martinsell Manor, a historical, stately, stone building is set on 77 acres in beautiful surroundings within the picturesque Barossa region.

A magnificent piece of South Australian history, this turn of the century home has played host to some prominent Australian and international aristocrats, politicians and business people.

The grand rooms and opulent architecture give glimpses of a bygone era.

The private accommodation on the ground floor is rented as a whole area, which includes your pwn spacious lounge and dining area. A getaway for yourself, your partner, friends or family.

The impressive two guest suites (one King and one Queen) have recently been renovated by Adelaide’s Ashburton Design, which seamlessly blend the old world charm with his colours and furnishings, to make a beautiful and elegant environment.

Enjoy high ceilings, quality Georgian and Chippendale furniture, and Persian carpets on polished floorboards.

Spend your day strolling around the gardens under a lace parasol, or duel with flintlock pistols for the affection of your beloved.

There’s even a pool on the greens for a damp Colin Firth to tumble into.

You’ll have to supply your own butler, though.

Prices start at $380 a night. For more info or to book, click here.


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