Getting Up Early? The Last Lunar Eclipse of 2019 Is Happening In The Morning

Love a good lunar eclipse? Better set your alarm tomorrow.


Today is the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11, landing astronauts on the moon. It’s also been two weeks since the moon totally eclipsed the sun. It’s now the moon’s turn to undergo an eclipse of its own.

While it will actually happen tomorrow, on the morning of July 17th, it will still technically be July 16th in the Northern hemisphere, meaning it’s still happening on the anniversary of the astronauts’ moon landing.

Look, we’re pulling at (eco-friendly pasta) straws, but it’s late, so stop judging us.

In Adelaide, at around 5:30am, the full moon will pass partway through the southern part of the Earth’s shadow resulting in a partial lunar eclipse.

In Australia, the eclipse will still be in progress when the moon sets during the dawn hours of July 17, with the Royal Astronomical Society claiming that up to 60 per cent of the moon’s surface will appear red or dark grey at the height of the partial lunar eclipse.

So when should you be setting your alarm?

It’s all happening from 5.31am -7am.

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