Giant Cannoli Filled With Cannoli Exist And We’re Ready

Calling all cannoli (or just dessert) lovers, we’ve hit the sugar motherload with this one!!

Calling all cannoli lovers and sweet tooth’s, we’ve hit the sugar motherload with this one – Pasta Deli has the ultimate Italian dessert we’ve been having dreams about.

Is one cannoli never enough? Then this is for you. Made to share with your friends (or not, some of us are pretty certain they could eat an entire on) these mouthwatering parcels of joy are filled with your choice of custard or a Sicilian ricotta.

Pasta Deli produces delicious meals and their giant dessert is no exception.

Apparently, the giant cannoli is made to order and able to fit anywhere from 40 normal sized cannoli up to 80. And of course, chocolate plaques and decorations can be added suited for any occasion.

Depending on how many cannoli’s are in the giant shell, the dessert ranges in cost from just over $100 to over $200.

Let’s be honest, this is something every sugar obsessed Adelaidan should add and cross off their bucket list.

Head over to Pasta Deli to order your giant cannoli and devour this delicious Italian dessert!

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