Ginormous 18.2m Inflatable Waterslide to Supersoak Your Summer

The Big Wedgie is basically the coolest thing to come to Glenelg this Summer!

The Big Wedgie is back for another year, after you thirsty peeps annihilated the super-sized inflatable waterslide last year. It’s basically one of the coolest things about to hit Glenelg this weekend and the weatherman predicts sunny 27 degrees for Sunday.

The Big Wedgie

Now, don’t let the name put you off… Although we can’t guarantee that you won’t have a big wedgie when you hit the bottom of this giant slide, we can say you will have a thrill getting to that point!

Picture the tallest inflatable waterslide in the world… Yep, that’s the Big Wedgie. Standing at a whopping 18.2m tall and 72m long, this isn’t for the faint-hearted! Basically, this bad boy is every adrenalin junkie’s dream.

Let’s just put this into perspective now: that’s a 55 degree drop from top to bottom. Oh yes… or oh no?!

If you are taking the kids along for the ride, then the Big Wedgie might not be the best choice for their little bottoms. Luckily, the Little Wedgie will also be making an appearance. Perfect for the little tackers!

They’ve also added a new slide perfect for every Goldilocks this year: the Just Right Wedgie! It’s not too big, and not too little – it’s Just Right!

When & Where:

Wigley Reserve, Glenelg: 16th December – 27th December 2016
Colley Reserve, Glenelg: 30th December – 5th February 2017

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