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Ginza Miyako’s new menu is a culinary tour of the world with Japanese heart

Moving on from their Japanese-French fusion, the new menu incorporates flavours from throughout South East Asia, as well as a few European twists.

For some time now, the team at local fusion restaurant, Ginza Miyako, have prided themselves on seamlessly integrating Japanese and French cuisines, but that was before inspiration struck their head chef Jason Goh.

Moving on from Japanese-French fusion, the new menu experience features the subtle and flavourful distinctions found throughout South East Asia, as well as broadening their horizons to draw inspiration from other European countries, like Italy and Spain.

Safe to say, this is one Japanese restaurant experience unlike any other.

Goh designed the new menu to showcase the natural flavours of the ingredients, with each dish carefully and thoughtfully prepared to make your tastebuds sing.

The eight course degustation is an excellent way to journey through the new menu, sampling delights with inspirations from all over the world.

You start with Modernised Nigiri, comprising smoked swordfish with parma ham powder and garlic confit cream, and kingfish with chilli miso, mint and lime.

There is no soy sauce in sight, as Goh wants to let the garnishes sing (and they sing delightfully).

Modernised Nigiri
Ribbon Yellowfin Tuna Tartar

Next up is a Ribbon Yellowfin Tuna Tartar. The idea comes from Japanese soba noodles, which can be eaten chilled and with a dipping sauce. The tuna is cut like a noodle and swims in moreish soy ginger sauce, complete with tapioca pearls, avocado, and cucumber. Light and refreshing.

This is followed by Wagyu Beef Tataki, a miso cured wagyu beef tenderloin, complete with six different sauces to mix and match. The best way to eat is to spread a slice with a sauce of your choosing and roll it up like a cannoli.

Wagyu Beef Tataki
Passion Fruit and Banana Sorbet

The degustation takes a break with a Passion Fruit and Banana Sorbet. This sweet little number is a perfect palate cleanser and leaves you very much ready for more.

Fans of Singapore chilli crab will love dish number five, a Singapore Style Chilli Crab and Egg Drop Udon. It’s exactly what the name suggests, complete with a confit egg that you poke and stir into your udon for a creamy finish.

Singapore Style Chilli Crab & Egg Drop Udon
Murray Cod

Next, we have the Murray Cod. This little taste of home with a Japanese twist features a wasabi and edamame crusted Murray cod with cauliflower puree, and charred fennel, finished with fragrant coconut water.

The lightly charcoaled flavours of the cod skin and fennel balance with the sweetness from the coconut water, and the crust adds a perfect burst of tartness.

Bet you never expected to see steak on this menu. What can we say? This Beef Scotch Fillet is cooked perfectly medium rare via sous vide so, yes, it does melt in your mouth. The dish is paired with classic mustard based sauces, as well as jus with a teriyaki twist.

Beef Scotch Fillet

Last, but most importantly not least, dessert. Get the full matcha experience with this Textures of Matcha dessert, starting with a sweet and mild ice cream and moving on to a creamy matcha mochi to a more deeply matcha flavoured macaron with red bean paste.

Textures of Matcha

Serious matcha lovers will also want to keep an eye out for the Matcha Bailey’s Shake, a mini cocktail heavy on the matcha hit and topped with a much needed sweet little whipped-cream dollop.

You have the option to pair drinks with this degustation, which includes the Matcha Bailey’s Shake, alongside a number of delicious drops and traditional Japanese sake.

Eight dishes sound like a few too many? There is also a five dish degustation option, featuring some of our faves from the eight dish affair. Otherwise, you can also pick and choose your own adventure from the a la carte menu!

You can find Ginza Miyako at the Stamford Plaza Hotel, 150 North Terrace.

Check them out on Facebook too.

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