Give Your Skin the Well Earned Workout it Deserves

Give Your Skin the Well Earned Workout it Deserves


Skin Gym. Just the name alone tells you this is something you need!

Family owned skin and health clinic, Advanced Aesthetics, have launched an innovative, cost-effective and fully customisable membership program designed to help achieve healthy, beautiful skin.

‘The Skin Gym’ at Advanced Aesthetics program includes services such as facials, peels, massage, skin needling, laser skin rejuvenation, IPL hair removal, cosmetic enhancements and much more, on an affordable monthly payment system.

Owner Jane Sutherland says, “Our skin is the body’s largest organ, and often the most neglected. We spend hours at the gym working out our cardio-vascular system and muscles, but rarely pay attention to the health of our skin.

“We created ‘Skin Gym’ at Advanced Aesthetics to emulate a traditional gym membership, our clients come to us with their skin concerns and budget and we tailor a regime that’s affordable and effective for each individual.”

Memberships start from $50/month and can be designed to rectify aged, pigmented, acne prone, dry or damaged skin. ‘Skin Gym’ at Advanced Aesthetics also gives members access to a Cosmetic Physician, Dermatologist and Naturopath.

“When your skin isn’t at it’s absolute best it’s the bodies way of telling us something isn’t quite right on the inside. We have such a diverse team, to ensure we find the right solution rather than putting a ‘Band-Aid fix’ on a bigger issue,” says Jane Sutherland.

In addition to the treatment program, all ‘Skin Gym’ at Advanced Aesthetics members receive discounted skin care products, bring a friend facial visits and regular invitations to Advanced Aesthetics events such as product and treatment demonstrations.

Unlike that gym membership which, more or less, can go a couple of weeks without you actually going! This membership is something we could get in to.


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