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kate meringue kisses

If we have said it once, we have said it a hundred times (but probably even more)… At Glam Adelaide we thrive on telling you about great South Australian businesses. It is a win/win situation. You benefit because you get to hear about a brilliant business that you may not have heard of before, and the business benefits from you reading all about them!

The business we want to put in the Glam Adelaide spotlight in this story is a delightful one. Food By Kate is a local business, and the gorgeous little treats that this one woman wonder creates will have you drooling on your computer screen…

kate choc, blackberry and hazelnut cake

Chocolate, blackberry and hazelnut celebration cake.

So obviously Food By Kate is just that… food by Kate! We love a name that says it all. But, before we get to the ‘food part’, let’s focus on the Kate. Who is she?

Well, she actually grew up in a pub in the Adelaide Hills. Yes! A pub! With that came the good fortune of having Austrian Chef, Maximillian Hruska as the Head Chef – hello good teacher. Kate says that her taste for good food was instilled at an early age, thanks to this interesting upbringing.

Having left Adelaide to go on a little adventure with her husband and three children, Kate lived in Sydney and London, but made the decision to move back to Adelaide four years ago.

kate mount compass b:berry and white choc muffins

Mount Compass blueberry and white chocolate muffins.

“We made the decision to move back to Adelaide, it’s a wonderful city to bring creativity and entrepreneurial ideas together, and make things happen.”

After working in a nine to five office job, her lifelong passion for food and a little encouragement from a friend, saw this wannabe chef start her own business. After plucking up the courage to provide some corporate working lunches to a few friends and family, it was a particular occurrence that saw her jump in to the deep end of starting Food By Kate…

“One day I was approached by Red Cross Australia to cater a large function earlier this year. One particular girlfriend who believed in me and my product, strongly encouraged me to go for it, promising to help… And I haven’t looked back since (she still helps me too)!”

kate working lunch

A working lunch.

Talking about ‘product’, let’s get into the good stuff! The food… Well, this is a woman after our own heart, because, although she does offer corporate and cocktail savoury catering, she specialises in desserts. Our favourite. Actually, her desserts are what caught our attention. One member of the Glam team attended the First Birthday event for the Renew Adelaide and Regent Arcade pop up shops initiative, and there, in all their glory in one of the shops, were Kate’s amazing little meringues.

These little meringue kisses did more than catch out attention. They got us excited. So much so that, hello, here’s a story about all her brilliance. Kate also specialises in brownies and celebration cakes. The celebration cakes themselves deserve a celebration cake to celebrate how fabulous they are. We know that doesn’t even make sense, but look at them!

kate cake

A cake worth celebrating with more cake!

Kate is also passionate about sourcing responsibly grown and natural produce. She has a real belief that when treating yourself it can be done with nutrition in mind. For example, her meringues are made using all natural flavours, organic sugar and they are gluten and dairy free. So basically you can eat Kate’s desserts and feel no guilt (we will tell ourselves that anyway). Another plus (as if we needed anymore to love Kate and her food) she also bakes everything out of her own kitchen and it is all baked fresh to order.

kate wood smoked salmon, wasabi and creme fraiche tarts

Wood smoked salmon, wasabi and creme fraiche tartlets.

On the future… Kate says that she is continuously inspired by Adelaide’s sweet tooth and she wants to expand her dessert repertoire to cater to that. With social media being such an important business marketing tool in today’s world, Kate also hopes to expand her Instagram and Facebook following to spread the word about what she does.

This little Adelaide business should not only excite (those desserts…) but also inspire. A dream is only a dream until you take that step to make it a reality. Go Kate! The Glam Adelaide team is behind you!

kate meringue cake

Glitter meringues to end a sparkling story.


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