Glam Adelaide Steps In To Carry On Brand SA Community


Photo: Joe Nes

Brand South Australia has been an important part of the State’s business community since 2013, with a history stemming back to 1984. This week, the organisation will wrap up after a government cut to the annual funding provided to the organisation.

Brand SA was an independent, not-for-profit organisation that promoted economic growth and pride in our state, and business memberships made up part of its core. The memberships are also what provided Brand SA’s business community the opportunity to showcase industry, products and services, people, and news.

In order to ensure that this business community continues to thrive, and doesn’t dissolve when the organisation wraps up, we’ve been working closely with Brand SA to help build a new membership package at Glam Adelaide. The new membership will offer similar benefits to Brand South Australia member packages, while also leveraging the huge digital network that Glam Adelaide has built over the last 10 years.

Since Glam Adelaide’s foundation in 2007, we have worked with businesses across a broad range of industries via our annual memberships. Our team focuses on telling their stories, sharing their news, and promoting their products and services to our extensive South Australian audience.

Our South Australian online news network, with its focus on positive, lifestyle oriented news, reaches over 1 million people each month. That is continuing to grow, as interest in our State, and its businesses, booms.

In the new financial year, Glam Adelaide will be launching the new membership packages, which focus on a new calendar of member events, including professional development, networking, lunches and more.

In order to continue to support the business community that Brand South Australia has built, Glam Adelaide is offering all current Brand SA members a transition price if signing up for a standard Glam Adelaide annual membership. This will allow us to keep the business community together, while we continue to uphold the values that Brand SA has built their network on. 

For more information on Glam Adelaide memberships, or to register your interest (at no obligation) please contact Glam Adelaide’s CEO, Kelly Noble here.

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