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Glam Chat: Interview With Andy Van

Australian DJ, Andy Van of Madison Avenue, chats about the 20 year anniversary of ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’, playing at Adelaide’s HQ, and that famous water incident at the ARIAs.


Australian DJ of the ages, Andy Van of Madison Avenue, is set to return to the ARIAs and it coincides perfectly with the 20th year anniversary of their hit single Don’t Call Me Baby.

To celebrate this 20 years milestone, Don’t Call Me Baby is getting a rerelease — a remixed version by Mousse T. & Super Disco Club.

A verified hit which reached number one in national and international charts, the song was a regular in the clubbing scene.

“Don’t Call Me Baby had a huge reception in the UK which was great to see,” says Andy.

The song has played throughout as many venues as Andy, who has clocked some serious time in a range of awesome gigs as a DJ.

“Depends what people call cool,” he says. “We did a gig at the UK’s only ever Love Parade. That was a great one.”

He goes on to discus playing at one of the world’s biggest nightclubs in Ibiza.

“There were 10,000 people,” he says.

Equally, Andy remembers playing at a small club in Japan, and says that gig has remained with him.

The last time Andy was in Adelaide, he played at HQ. His thoughts?

“HQ is always an amazing place,” Andy says. “People are excited about the guests. They [HQ] had great lighting and great video screens.”

This November, Andy will return to the ARIAs to present an award. While he won’t be performing, he remembers his experience at the ARIAs performing with Cheyne Coates as Madison Avenue fondly.

He even remarks cheekily on the glass of water incident.

“It’ll go down in history as one of the most unique moments of the ARIAS,” Andy says.

“It’s fun,” he comments. “It doesn’t bother me.”`

Catch Andy Van at the ARIAs on November 27, or listen to Don’t Call Me Baby’s remix and be transported 20 years back.

Your host for this episode is Neely Karimi.

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