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Glam Chat: Interview With John Brewster From The Angels

John Brewster chats returning to play at The Gov next year, what it was like touring with David Bowie, and his favourite place to eat in Adelaide.


John Brewster of The Angels fame is in the car with his son Harry when he joins us on Glam Chat.

Brewster is a verifiable veteran of the music industry, having formed The Angels in Adelaide with his brother Rick some fifty years ago.

The Angels, along with Cold Chisel, Paul Kelly, and Sia, have also recently been announced as one of the four world-renowned, South Australian artists to have a CBD laneway renamed in their honour.

“We formed The Angels in Adelaide so it’s really appropriate,” says Brewster, who seems deservedly chuffed with the announcement.

John and his brother Rick are the longest standing members of The Angels, both having grown up with a passion for music, although their tastes differed. As of 2013, John’s son, Sam Brewster, has played bass guitar in the band, and John’s younger son, Harry, will be standing in for Rick at an upcoming New Year’s Eve show.

Since the inception of The Angels, the Brewsters have enjoyed an extensive touring life, accompanying the likes of ACDC and David Bowie. In fact, The Angels were selected as special guests on Bowie’s first Australian tour.

“He chose the band because he liked our music,” John says.

When I ask if he has a standout memory from that particular tour, John is very sure of his answer.

“David Bowie had a night off in Sydney, so we did our own show,” he says. “We had it jam packed with 1800 people … we started the first number and then we saw these people walking down … and they stood right in front of the band and it was David Bowie and his entire band. They stood and watched the whole show.”

So, what’s next for The Angels?

“We’re about 75 percent finished on a new album,” says John.

Then, of course, there’s the upcoming Red Hot Summer tour, which features four SA dates. The Angels will also be playing a sideshow at The Gov on Monday, January 10.

I ask John if he has a favourite place to eat when he’s in his hometown and he doesn’t hesitate.

“Godi La Vita,” he says. “They do the best gnocchi in Adelaide I think.”

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Your host for this episode is Lucy Brewer.

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