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Glam Chat: Interview With Sarah McLeod From The Superjesus

Sarah McLeod chats playing at Superloop 500, why Thebby Theatre is so special, and her new bushfire relief single.


“Two of my favourite things are rock and roll and fast cars,” says Sarah McLeod.

As frontwoman of The Superjesus, McLeod is certainly no stranger to rock and roll.

The Superjesus have long been one of Australia’s most respected rock outfits, and the band is now confirmed for this year’s Friday night concert at Superloop Adelaide 500.

“We’ve wanted to do that for ages,” says McLeod.

When asked what audiences can expect from the, she says, “we’re just out for a good time and our job is to show the audience a good time.”

The Superjesus originated in Adelaide in the 90s, and McLeod insists that this town, and specifically Thebarton Theatre, holds her favourite memory as a performer.

“… Thebby Theatre, anyone from Adelaide knows, Thebby Theatre is like the mecca of rock and roll,” says McLeod. “I still find myself swinging past the theatre at any point … just to have a look at that big board, that majestic board that tells you who’s playing.”

Anyone from Adelaide, and indeed, Australia, also knows of the bushfires that have devastated the nation over the past few months. McLeod’s new single, Wildfire, is inspired by the bushfire tragedy, and was co-written with Kav Temperley of Eskimo Joe.

“Everyone’s stressing out in the middle of this horror movie trying to work out what they can do and Kav called me …” McLeod says.

The two worked quickly, and had completed the writing process within forty hours. They then turned around the guest artists in twenty four hours.

“I’ve never done anything that fast,” McLeod says.

Wildfire was released on Friday, January 31. Everyone involved donated their time, and 100% of proceeds will go to Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund, Wildlife Rescue South Coast Inc and Nature Foundation SA.

“It’s about bringing people together, it’s about raising money, and we want to do it now,” McLeod says. “Music really does speak to people and it can help, it can soothe. I feel lucky that I can do that.”

Wildfire is available to stream and purchase via various digital platforms.

Superloop Adelaide 500 will take place 20 – 23 February, 2020, with The Superjesus playing on Friday, 21. February. Tickets are available here.

Your host for this episode is Lucy Brewer.

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