Glam Delivers On The Best Tips to Help You Survive Dry July

Glam Delivers On The Best Tips to Help You Survive Dry July

The tips and tricks to staying dry this July, whilst still having a social life!


In July, an average of 11,181 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer. The Dry July Foundation asks everyday Aussies to give up the booze for a month to raise money. In South Australia there are three foundations that you can nominate as the receiver of your donations. These Foundations include Cancer Council SA, Dry July Foundation Supporting SA and Flinders Medical Centre, which contribute to improving patient comfort, care and wellbeing. Because of this people get behind this cause each year.

There’s a world of benefits coming your way if you’re taking part Dry July. It might just be that it’s the extra push you need to start a health kick and introduce more plant based foods into your diet. You could be detoxing from the booze to rejuvenate in time for spring. Either way, we’ve pulled together a list to help make sure you make the most of Dry July.

You Are What You Eat:

It’s time to embrace a healthier you. So start introducing clean eating and think about cutting back on foods you associate with alcohol. Set a challenge for yourself to wake up early and make a healthy breakfast or smoothie and prepare your lunch before work. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water too. You can mix it up with lime or slices of fruit and mint.

Stock The Fridge With Nutritious Drinks:

It’s hard enough to get your recommended 2L of water in on the daily, let alone trying to chug that down in when the temps drop in winter – ice water? No thanks. Juices can add up when you’re buying them out and time can get away from us during the week to actually make them at home. Then you’ve got to take into account your sugar intake. Throw in our crazy busy schedules and not a vino in sight during Dry July, it becomes even more important to a drink at home or at work you can reach for. We recently discovered UTONIC, who have conveniently designed a range of three tonics – Calm, Recovery and Recharge – each having a scientific blend of ingredients to combat stress, anxiety, tiredness and support general health and wellbeing. We’ve noticed a difference (particularly with the Recharge & Recovery).

Round Up Your Posse:

Having a group of like-minded people is great for support and staying motivated particularly during Dry July. Try recruiting some of your mates and plan a few gym sessions together, or a couple of social outings which don’t revolve around a bottle of vino.

Let’s Get Physical:

In the words of Olivia Newton John, lets get physical. Now’s the PERFECT time to start a training program, join a gym or find your groove again. We’ve been going to Orange Theory Fitness over the past few months and are loving it. It’s a high-intensity interval workout, backed-by-science which is designed to keep heart rate in a target zone that spikes metabolism, increases energy – essentially meaning you’ll keep burning calories well after you complete your workout. Physical exercise is a great distraction, and great for your health, a win-win in our eyes. But one of the things we’ve found refreshing about OTF is the overall friendly vibe. Whether you’re a newbie or longtime member, it feels like you’re working out with a bunch of friends.

If you’re looking for something that’s low-intensity yet packs a punch, you should definitely consider Studio Pilates. They know that working out in pairs makes can make all the difference to your consistency and motivation. Why not try it with your partner this month and save – if you bring a guy in July you’ll receive $30.

Shout It From The Rooftops:

Share with your friends, family and colleagues, (or anyone who will listen) about what you are doing and the benefits. This can help you stay committed and raise money, once you publicly commit, there’s no going back!

Get Social:

Just because a glass of wine is out of the picture, does not mean that you can’t go out and catch up with friends, Plan your social calendar, so there are no surprises. Try organise catch ups over coffee or breakfast in July. Or refer to our July non-alcoholic beverage guide for places around Adelaide that are doing some awesome non-alcoholic drinks.

Book In Some Me-Time:

Focus on your own health and have that massage or facial, that you need after a busy 6 months. The winter breeze can dry out your skin, so whilst you are detoxing our liver, why not detox your skin? Advance Cosmetic Medicine have a special Dry July package. Invite two friends along for a facial and get your Star Glow Facial package FREE! Or invite three friends and get your Superstar Glow Facial package FREE!

  • Star Glow Facial: Diamond microdermabrasion, Enzyme peel/lactic acid peel, LED light therapy and Facial moisture.
  • Superstar Glow Facial: Diamond microdermabrasion, Medik8 Enzyme peel, Hyaluronic acid/filler infusion, Customised mask / Medik8 clay mask, LED light therapy and Medik8 Recovery facial moisture.

The beginning is always the hardest, so stay strong and remember the best reason for staying dry; raising funds for people affected by cancer. What better motivation is there to stay dry this July! It’s a small sacrifice for a big impact. Adelaide you’ve got this!

To find out more about this cause make sure to visit the Dry July Foundation website. 

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