Glam Gets The Behind The Scene Scoop On Mississippi Moon

We don’t like waiting until things officially open before we can see what to expect, so we snuck into Adelaide’s hottest new bar ahead of its Opening Night Party tonight…

Get excited y’alllllll. We promised you terrible attempts at Southern accents, and terrible attempts you shall get!

So, we’ve already told you the moon was rising, but we wanted more! Glam snuck in and snooped around THIS MORNING ahead of tonight’s official opening of Mississippi Moon.

Mississippi Moon

The mad hustle is on to ensure this Southern American style bar is ‘slicker than snot on a doorknob’ (yeah, that’s an actual phrase!) ahead of the big reveal.

A year in the making, mastermind Ryan Winter is rushed off his feet, but still remaining cool as a cucumber… perhaps he’s been drinking the moonshine he told us about?

So what did we get the scoop on that you need to know? Firstly, the booze! Tonight’s offerings will be a small splatter of the best cocktails from the upcoming list. Guests will be sipping on the Bacon infused Bourbon Bliss, the Huckleberry Gin, the Full Moon (made with apple pie moonshine, drool!) and the traditional Southern Mint Julep.Mississippi Moon

You’ll be able to taste all of these incredible concoctions yourself very soon. And into the future you can expect to see Boilermakers on the beverage list too. For those that haven’t travelled deep south to gatorland, Boilermakers are a beer served up with a shot of whiskey. Not for shotting, but instead for savouring, the two are paired to compliment each other and teach the drinker an appreciation for each. Trust us, you’ll be all over it like white on rice.


The traditions continue throughout the venue, from the whitewashed weatherboards (reminiscent of steamboats) to the Magnolia flower wallpaper (the state flower of Mississippi) and the unavoidable, giant gator playing a banjo mural splashed across the wall.

What we didn’t know (apparently we’re not the Southern experts we first assumed) is that gator is actually named Uncle Monday, and is the protagonist of an ancient Louisiana myth. An African medicine man transformed himself into a gator to escape becoming a slave, an interesting choice if you ask us.

Mississippi Moon

The folklore makes him sound like a pretty shady character, but we think he looks like a good-time party guy strumming his banjo on the wall of Mississippi Moon. We did hear that they’ll be serving up crocodile jerky (as well as beef, buffalo and kangaroo jerky) though, so that might leave Uncle Monday snarling slightly!

Aside from him, the vibe here is set to be relaxed, with blues-y jazz music floating out on to the street and good ol’ Southern hospitality to make you feel right at home. You can’t grab dinner here, but it’s also not a nightclub. Just a cruisy, breezy venue that transports you into a world that’s dang bewwwdiful.

So what are ya waitin’ for? Skedaddle to Gresham Street. This is gonna be hotter than a goat’s butt in a pepper patch.

Mississippi Moon

Photos by Vueey Le Photography.

Mississippi Moon
25 Gresham Street, Adelaide
[email protected]

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