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Glam up your Cheese & Wine Game with a round of Pinot Noir & Truffle Brie Toasties!

Try your hand at making these incredible treats from Udder Delights and Chain of Ponds wines.

With the turn of the warmer weather, we’re looking to step up our entertaining game. And we think we’ve got just the answer. 

Cheese favourite Udder Delights (I’m drooling just typing this) has collaborated up with South Australian winery Chain of Ponds (double drool) to deliver a series of recipes guaranteed to impress your friends (and the rest of their Instagram followers). Or, perhaps if you’re like me, for whipping up something simple yet delicious to accompany a Netflix night in.  

There are no rules here. 

So here it is. The first recipe they’re unveiling is —

The Pinot Noir Truffle Cheese Toastie. 

Yep, you heard me right. 

Made with Udder Delights’ Truffle Brie Cheese and Chain of Ponds 2021 Section 400 Pinot Noir, we’ll be impressed if you can make it through the assembly process without snacking.

Over the next few months, Udder Delights and Chain of Ponds (along with us here at Glam Adelaide) challenge you to replicate a series of recipes starring their South Australian cheese and wine selection. 

No matter whether you’re a red or white drinker, or a fan of either sweet or savoury, the team at Udder Delights guarantee their series will have something for you. 

While the next few recipes will be kept secret (although we’re just dying to reveal and replicate them), we can reassure you they’re just as weird and wonderful. 

To see the recipe, click here. You can subscribe to the series, where you’ll be given exclusive access to a downloadable version of recipes as they are released.

You can find more at Udder Delights Instagram and Facebook, and Chain of Ponds Instagram and Facebook.

If you become hooked after your first bite, we recommend you check out Udder Delights cheese cellar door on the Handorf, where you can also sample their fondue and other amazing cheese experiences.

If you’re looking to sample some of Chain of Ponds’ stunning vino (because who isn’t up for a wine tasting every now and again?), Section 400 is available online or in selected Booze Brothers and Sip n Saves throughout SA.

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