Glide through the River Torrens’ dark history on a on-off ghost crime tour

Experience River Torrens like never before on an after dark tour through the CBD’s famous river… and discover some ugly truths along the way.

Now that Netflix has come out with its chilling new series on Jeffery Dahmer, it’s easy to see why true crime is just so fascinating. It’s horrifying and gory but at the same time you can’t stop watching. 

Well, if you’re as disgustingly intrigued with true crime as us, Adelaide’s Ghost Crime Tours are hosting a River Torrens Dark History Cruise on Saturday, 26 November and we don’t think you want to miss it. 

You’ll be taken on the Torren’s iconic Popeye river cruise. In what usually celebrates the Adelaide Plain’s most significant river, this guided tour will delve a little bit deeper.

As the sun descends around you and you are left in the dark, the river that once hosted recreational swimming and rowing events, and centres the playgrounds, walkways and bicycle tracks that attract locals and toursits alike, will be long forgotten.

As you glide along the Torrens, you’ll be taken to places where bodies have been found, disposed and drowned in the river. Including the Adelaide tragedy of Mrs Habibulta whose remains were found in a bag after the police drained the river to retrieve her missing head and torso. 

You’ll learn more about the infamously twisted murders by John Balaban, who brutually killed five people including his own wife, mother-in-law and son, Phillip. 

John was the state’s first serial killer to be hung at the Adelaide Gaol. Unsurprisingly, not a single person protested against his fate.  

If you love a good scare as much as you love dark history, this unique tour on the not-so-pretty past of the Adelaide CBD will have you experiencing the famous River Torrens like never before!

Be sure to get in quick and book your tickets! Their October session is sold out. 

For more information on Ghost Crime Tours and the events they have on offer, including future Torrens tours and their haunted hotel livestream, visit their website here.

Event details:

Where: River Torrens (Karrawirra Parri), meet at Elder Park Rotunda, King William Rd, Adelaide SA 5000

When: Saturday, 26 November, 7.30pm

Price: $50pp

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