Adelaide's Rooftop Art Installation Abuzz For Another Week!

Glowing, Colourful Globes Setting North Terrace Alight

The Hive is a colourful way to celebrate a space in transition. The more people around, the brighter the globes glow – so bring your friends!


Inspired by the humble bee hive, a temporary art installation aptly named ‘The Hive’ is breathing new life into the old Royal Adelaide Hospital site.

Featuring glowing, colourful globes, this kaleidoscope of art, light and technology will be on display until this weekend.

Designed by amigo and amigo, the globes are interactive and react to human movement. Based on the idea of a hive as a centralised meeting place, the installation becomes more vibrant and animated the more people are involved. It’s a project in socialisation and a great use of a space in transition.

The light display is on every night from 7.30pm to midnight, until this Saturday November 4. You can explore for yourself at the Allied Health Building, former Royal Adelaide Hospital site, North Terrace (entry via Gate 5 from North Terrace).

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