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Gluten Free Eating On The Streets Of Adelaide

Some people treat it like a trend but for those with actual allergies, eating out can present its challenges. Enter our guide to Gluten Free eating across Adelaide; gourmet, lunch, pubs and dessert.

Could the real gluten free please stand up.

I was out for a meal the other day and I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard the girl beside me boasting to her friends about how she couldn’t eat any gluten. Meanwhile, the girl had just ordered 2 pastries from the window while simultaneously stuffing her face with biscuits and drinking her trendy coconut chai latte, (let’s face it, she’s probably going out for a beer later too- somebody had better tell her it’s filled with barley).

…Right, and I’m sitting there struggling to read all the little sauce labels, questioning the poor waiter who’s running back and forth to the kitchen 10 times asking the chef if the food is ACTUALLY gluten free.

Seriously people, just stop. This isn’t some vanilla ‘fad’ that us coeliac and gluten-intolerant people have cultivated together as the next runway trend for the season, it’s actually a real thang, ok.

Honestly, it’s tiring. I don’t want to have to be that person who carries around their GF soy sauce in their handbag all day like a freak because restaurants aren’t taking me seriously. So I’ve taken the liberty of doing some research for you, and here’s what Adelaide has to offer:

Nutrition Republic, 1/100 King William Rd, Hyde Park – Open Breakfast & Lunch – They have nailed it! Everything on their menu is gluten free from their bircher muesli to chia pudding, raw sliced cakes and baked goodies. Plus they have a scrumptious drinks menu with organic coffees and Prana coconut chai (if the shoe fits right).

Enzo’s at Home @ Hindmarsh, Linden Park & Flinders Park – Open For Lunch – Located in various locations across Adelaide, Enzo’s make some ah-may-zing food. Besides their delicious varieties of pasta, they also make fresh donuts, some killer cheesecakes and even bake their own breads (yes they are GF people).

Cold Presse Organic Juicery Bar, Shop 6&7 18-36 Wyatt St – Open Breakfast & Lunch Weekdays – Another favourite is these guys! Not only do they have the coolest juice bar using only organic, pesticide free ingredients, but they also have a range of breakfasts and awesome salad cups that are, obviously gluten free. Some favourites I spied were the gluten free savoury tarts as well as brownies and raspberry tarts to satisfy the sweet tooths out there (obviously we can’t try them all right).

303 by The Sea, 303 Seaview Rd Henley Beach – Open Breakfast & Lunch – I was lucky enough to steal a table here. It’s right on the beach and it was a cracker of a day so every man and his dog was out soaking up the rays. Their menu is quirky but simple, they do breakfast, or brunch depending on the time you leisurely stroll down there. The menu isn’t completely gluten free, but they are more than happy to cater for your needs; and it gets better, their gluten free breads are from Enzo’s! (I had to stare at the bread for a little while just to be sure that there was no gluten in it).

Trouble and Strife, 123 Goodwood Rd – Open Breakfast & Lunch – We can’t even begin to comprehend this menu, there is way too much goodness going on for us to handle. Their seasonal changing menu means there is always some creative flair going on in the kitchen (like their Grenache poached pears, mascarpone, honey nut dukkah + fig syrup on toast) and the best part is you can order anything off the menu to be made free of gluten.

Felici Espresso, 261 Rundle Street – Open Breakfast & Lunch – This is a breakfast lovers heaven, some of their highlight GF dishes include Avocado crush: smashed avocado, diced Spanish onion, cherry tomatoes drizzled with lemon juice and olive oil on Gluten free bread, Felici Omelette: Smoked Barossa Valley Gypsy ham, mushrooms, mozzarella and fresh herbs and Breaky bruschetta: crispy bacon, roast tomato, sautéed baby spinach and scrambled eggs served on gluten free bread with a side of tomato chutney.

East End Providore, 24 Ebenezer Place – Open Breakfast & Lunch – First of all, they have the most amazing salted caramel brownies which is definitely a deal breaker, and secondly all of their gluten free produce is straight from the markets so it’s always super fresh, that’s a yes from us.

Goodies and Grains, Central market Plaza, Gouger St – Open Lunch – As well as having a grocer that sells self-serve whole grains, buckwheat, nuts and heaps of other dietary alternative foods, they have the cutest little deli next door. They have a range of GF cakes, salads, slices and cheeky chocolate balls that I couldn’t help but go back for seconds.

Jarmer’s Kitchen, 18 Park Tce HindmarshOpen Breakfast & Lunch, Dinner on Fri & Sat – Capturing meals in the style of comfort, share menus, chateaubriand, and the ultimate feast/ most important meal of the day (aka breakfast!), Farmer’s Kitchen have seriously got their ducks in a row and know how to satisfy the foodie.

On The Run, EverywhereOpen All Day – Despite our well intended efforts, sometimes we’re all caught off guard and find ourselves STARVING. I’m talking like on the way to work, a meeting, or friends house and all you can think of is where on earth you could possibly stop to get a quick bite to eat. The servo? Yes, OTR EAT sites have GF options so you can put your tummy grumbling to rest. Just remember that.

Jolleys Boathouse, 1 Jolleys LaneOpen Lunch & Dinner – The menu is contemporary Australian and centralises around a seasonal menu, taking advantage of the best possible produce. If you’re looking for a place that says fine dining (because we all like to be fancy every now and then), Jolley’s Boathouse will provide you with just that.

Chermoula Spiced Garfish, Ancient Grains, Watercress #freshfish #onthemenutonight #diningadelaide

A photo posted by Jolleys Boathouse Restaurant (@jolleysboathouse) on Sep 19, 2016 at 3:31am PDT

Hotel Richmond, 128 Rundle Mall – Open Lunch & Dinner – You’ve had a long day and all you really want is a glass of wine or two (or possibly even 7 and then the cocktail list after) with your girlfriends and some good food to measure up those accidental drinks you had. Hotel Richmond are speaking your language, with an amazing range of gluten free options available in their lounge and as well as their al-a-carte menu, there is absolutely no reason you need to bring your snap-lock bag filled with pre-packed nibbles.

Sean’s Kitchen, Station Rd – Open Lunch & Dinner – They have really impressed us, and have a completely separate menu for gluten free options. I must say, you are not made to feel left out for options, the kitchen does burger buns, pastas, seafood etc, as well as all of Sean’s specialties that can be catered GF.

Coal Cellar & Grill, 233 Victoria Square – Open Lunch & Dinner – The menu doesn’t in fact prove to say gluten free, but most of the items are, or can be catered to suit. They also do high-tea which is kinda funky and some 500 wines to choose from their cellar might I add.

Burger Theory, 8-10 Union St – Open Lunch & Dinner – I can’t remember the last time I ate out and ordered a decent gluten free burger with the works. This place does gluten free buns (real buns, not cardboard pieces of gf toast), and they have a scrumptious selection of sauces you can smothering your towering stack of burgery goodness on too.

I think what @tttttnana is trying to say here is that we are #1 ❤️🍔😌 #burgertheory #modest

A photo posted by Burger Theory (@burgertheory) on Jul 6, 2016 at 6:04pm PDT

Restaurant Blackwood, 285 Rundle St – Open Lunch & Dinner – Aside from their current mains menu which serves local seafood and an entire steak board selection, they do some delicious desserts, including a Macadamia and peanut parfait, nougat, lilly pilly berries, which I quote is “SO YUMMMM”.

NOLA, 28 Vardon Ave – Open For Dinner – If you’re feeling a New-Orleans American style feed, the NOLA gang can help. Jambalaya- SA mussels, SA prawns, bean salads and some great vego dishes have you covered.

Raw & Real Cold Pressed Juicery & Kitchen, 20 James Place – Open Breakfast & Lunch Weekdays – it’s hard to tell what you’re going to get at times from the millions of holes in the wall in Adelaide streets, but Raw & Real are the business when it comes to gluten free meals made fresh daily. We know everywhere makes salads, but not like these guys…

Candela Latin American Food, 120 Goodwood Rd – Open For Dinner (take away only) – This place is basically like stepping into a transporter and stepping out into South America who’s just made besties with Mexico and Latin America. Their menu paints the exotic and unique flavours of the streets, I’m talking arepas (grilled corn flatbreads), tacos, salsas, ensalada and beans; you can basically order online, pick it up and have a street party in your living room with salsa dancing ladies and margaritas (but they are most definitely not included).

Patacones (Green Plantain Fried) #patacones #latinfood #candelafoods #adelaide #yummy #delicious #latin #goodwood

A photo posted by Candela Latin American Food (@candelafoods) on Jun 13, 2015 at 12:44am PDT

Eggless, 162 Goodwood Rd – Open For Dessert – Tucked away in Goodwood, Eggless is a small boutique cafe serving only desserts! If you’re in search for something sweet, Eggless does an amazing orange panna cotta with dark chocolate mousse, cheese and honey pear sundae, black sticky rice with coconut cream as well as other GF options.

And if you after a decent pub meal we also have these few in mind (yes, pubs are listening now too!):

The Colonist, 44 The Parade – Open All Day – This pub doesn’t just do steak and chips, you can order sliders, seafood dishes, warm salads, curries, cheeses and chocolates (and well we could keep going but we just won’t).

The Unley, 27 Unley Rd – Open Lunch & Dinner – Twice cooked chicken, crispy pork, braised lamb, umm and chocolate torte! This place will really satisfy your hangry.

The Mile End Hotel, 30 Henley Beach Rd – Open All Day – Dry age sirloin and scotch fillet off the grill with house made jous, flatbread pizzas, artisan chorizos and South Australian handmade haloumi, to name just a few.

And now we put it out to you, Glam readers. If you have any other Adelaide locations that do a mean GF, we would LOVE to know about them and share the word. Email your suggestions to [email protected]

Our readers have spoken and asked us to add these to the list:
Crema on Jetty, 10 Jetty Rd Glenelg
Grill’d Burgers, Rundle St & The Parade
Tony Tomatoes, 155/157 O’Connell St North Adelaide (Gluten Free Pizza!)
Schnithouse, 260 Rundle St (they have a Gluten Free Schnitzel we’re told!)
Bing Boy, pretty much everywhere…

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