Go back to basics at Hanky Panky, Glenelg’s newest dive bar

From the owners of Fourth comes a stripped-down joint serving up classic drinks and toasties on Jetty Road.

Hanky Panky, Glenelg’s newest “bar you didn’t know you needed,” was started by Henry and Mike Papapolis, the owners of popular restaurant Fourth––but it’s more of a fraternal twin than a sister bar.

Across the street from modern, upscale Fourth, Hanky Panky is a stripped-down dive bar serving up basic drinks and fun nights. However, like any family, the bars see past their differences and work in tandem with one another, with Hanky Panky serving as a late-night option for Fourth customers during pandemic times.

“We got Hanky Panky across the road as a flow-on bar from Fourth,” Henry says. “Our three sittings at Fourth last up to two hours, and with COVID, people who wanted to stay after for drinks couldn’t.”

“Now, people can duck in for a drink before their booking or have a night cap at a bar that has spots free specifically for them.”

Hanky Panky is named after a popular cocktail at Fourth, which plays off Henry’s nickname, “Hank,” but the bar doesn’t identify as a cocktail bar. It has 5 cocktail options to choose from, but it keeps the rest of the menu simple with two beer choices, 4 types of Red Bear, a red, a white and a Prosecco.

It serves food, too, but keeping with the easy-going feel, the owners kept the menu “easy and snacky” with one offering: three varieties of toasties, offered late-night until 1 am, the perfect meal to curb any post-drink hunger.

While the co-owners designed Hanky Panky as an associate of Fourth, Henry envisions it as its own entity in the future.

“With COVID and a summer that isn’t that warm, it’s the flow-on bar for now,” he says.

“But I would like them to have their own identities in the long run. I want Hanky Panky to be its own bar instead of in the shadow.”

Follow the bar on Instagram here.

Find Hanky Panky on Jetty Road, Glenelg.

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